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Perfect comfortable sleep even when the temperatures are spiking as we get into the summer months what we need to be able to do. Ray is commenced andy to somehow develop some sort of thing that would prevent cameron hawley from nor if they can do that. And that's next level for us in india experience. Because i'm sure i never snore. Is more like a sailor. Man it's unreal. We're so close. Holly and i to not sleeping in the same bed. I'm fifty three. She's fifty fifty fifty one. We're this close. We're really close. Just because not. What i used was a joke. Drake's willman fred. Slapped back in the flintstones maybe they had a right. You live with know. Fred would snore. Blanket and for the viewer or for the listeners. That don't know the flintstones. Go to you to find an episode. Where fred sleeping. Just wash that blanket up and down speaking of blankets. And he has it all pillows sheets debate covers waiting blankets which are all love the way to blanket. They've got bad frames and got a new. Rv mattress he can take that great sleep with you on the road. Remember to use code ray. Seventy five at seventy five dollars off a mattress at indy dot com. Andy the do thousand and twenty one winner s mattress in canada. All right. we're going to pretty much ended podcast where we started. And that's where the montreal vegas series gerald wants. No ray if you are vegas management's gallon mcrib george mcphee. Who's your goal tender for the twenty one twenty two season. Marc andre fleury or robin lehner both made good cases to be the man next year is one ahead of the other. I don't know. I guess you'd have to believe that flurry at age. How old's flurry now. Thirty seven it. So you'd have to believe at age thirty eight. He could do it again. And this is where the business needs from. A management perspective needs to be cold. I don't think you can have a soft spot for a player or a person. I'm worried about any player that gets to be in the upper thirties. Although mike smith was fabulous this year in edmonton at age nine slash forty. That would have to be your decision. Do you think flurry can do it again. Robin lenders got four years left on a at five million per on his contract it might be financially easier if they want to make that choice to make it to be lennar be flurries. Got one year left on his deal. It's a tough decision. But you know what they're built in a way they've gotta find some money to fill their center ice position up in my in my mind. I mean that's what's been exposed here two years in a row tough decisions around the league. You know buffalo bracing for one with jack eichel. And perhaps some of the other sabres players arizona coyotes. Lots of speculation out there ray. Everything connor garland to over acting larson. So marcus has a question. Where is a good destination for oil to play and as father time caught up with him or do we still see him as a valued player that can contribute for at least another three to four years. I'll be niece got the hefty cap. Oh i think ackman larson can play. I do think a little bit like what we saw in the you know. Fifteen games or twenty games..

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