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Absolutely free service. Firefighters in Orange County are still trying to gain control of two wildfires, which have injured a pair of their own to Orange County. Firefighters remain in critical condition fighting for their lives. After being burned over on Monday. Fire Chief Brian Fennessy says he knows him personally. Both have been with us less than one year. I did not say I did hire them. A total of five firefighters have been injured on the two fires burning in Orange County at like Stone, ABC News, LOS Angeles That makes bank I hope quantum. Never. As for I would say they NAS Amazon says the board at Sequel film was streamed by tens of millions of customers during its debut this past weekend. That's a big number for sure would make it a huge box office hit. But we didn't get any more details from Amazon like exact numbers, or did those viewers watch justified? Minutes through the whole thing. Meanwhile, independent company Samba TV, which analyzes these things, says 1.6 million households watch Borat to last weekend. Amazon says that number's off but again didn't provide specifics. Jason agents and ABC News Hollywood and No Dakota's governor. Microsoft, A WalMart air and a Fargo media mogul are among the major financial backers of a proposed presidential library for Theodore Roosevelt in the Badlands. Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Foundation says it's obtained $100 million in commitments. The library will be built on 60 acres of U. S. Forest Service near Madura. ABC News News Time. NATO for Co Moh traffic.

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