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We understand that were not equals he's also snl who knows harrison spoke in east st louis where he announced hud is returning federal public housing dare to local control the town's public housing authority was put under federal control and 1985 after reports of mismanagement and unsafe living conditions missouri couple has been indicted in the death of the woman's biological teenage daughter who spent most rely life with an adoptive family minnesota thirty nine year old rebecca rude and thirty one year old robert pete junior were charged wednesday with first degree murder an alternative count of child abuse resulting in death in the killing of sixteen year old savannah lucky a private catholic school for girls in kansas city says it has disciplined agree students who posed at a party with a swastika made of red plastic cups administrators at saint therese is academy notified parents monday about the incident but declined to say how the girls were disciplined party occurred last week off school property and after school lowers the latest gop plan to repeal obamacare is facing a september 30th deadline with uncertainty in among republicans whether will pass illinois republican congressman mike boss says he's waiting to see how the senate might change the bill if it comes over and as we read threw it away it out does it make it better than our situation with a collapsing system that we have and if it makes it better than i will be supporting it critics say the plan as it's now written good cause huge premium markups for people with preexisting conditions and leave thirty two million more people without health coverage after 20 26 coming up in the news at five 52s senator bernie sanders visits westminster college and gatorade is agreed to stop disrespecting water i'm jim chenevey kmox news time is wrong she into.

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