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Mattress. One guy told me downtown, Charlotte. I was running around downtown, Charlotte. Asking people about baking guy said yeah, you know, what I'd probably do. I'd make a mattress and not sleep on that bacon mattress. Because what smells better than bacon? Nothing makes me happier than that. When I wake up and smell bacon, I'm instantly happy. There you go. Make yourself bacon mattress. Would you? Enjoy that Travis. I would definitely draw that maybe then when you wake up a Bloody Mary with a nice piece of bacon end up what he married a stir wrong with that. And you know, if you wake up, especially hunger, you just take a hack out of your mattress. So thank you so much Smithfield. They are a great partner of mine. And I appreciate them so much not only their their Smithfield. Brain. But they're Eckardt's brand with the million dollar throw coming up at the national championship with herbstreet in me. I can't wait for that too. So thank you to them. Thank you so much to Travis for getting all these amazing guests force like I say all the time. It's the pleasure. My life to learn about them. And he's a major major major player in helping us do that. Thank you for that, brother. Louise, thanks so much for being crazy enough to put us on. Thank you guys for investing. Please subscribe rate in review we've been we've been getting a little better. Here are numbers are getting a little better. But we would appreciate it. If you guys would subscribe rate in review hit us up on Twitter at Marty. Smith ESPN at Travis rock, we want to hear what you think about these interviews and and our experiences. So thank you guys for your investment and above all, thank you so much to our military. Our men and women in uniform all over the world. I can't wait for you guys to see the content that we've created for Veterans Day, man. When it is good. It's emotional. That'll be coming up on sportscenter and across all our platforms this coming weekend as we head into Veterans Day. If you guys see a veteran this week, you make sure you go out of your way to say, thank you. It's an important thing to do is what we should do because we're free for a reason. And that reason is them y'all have an awesome week. Appreciate everyone you so much. And I'm sure you'll be shocked to learn that I'm covering the Alabama crimson tide. Again this weekend. We'll see you down and t- town, y'all be good. We'll see you next time around.

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