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Twenty five yard line on first down motion coming across from right to left now back to the left side again goes Pringle play action more homes under two throwing to the right side money through that one away he looked up all play action robin was wearing down on him led by Anthony Walker know where to go with that one there in that same play in the first half the mostly guy over do you want to speak for a call to the back to the left side they take it to the running back in the run a book with the I'm pretty sure the colts no that's come three receivers to the right side now in the back filled with too wide to the left it second ten twenty five yard line were tied to the peace quicksilver quick screen pass it goes from a poor Hardman out of bounds in the homes got that snap and then just fired a bullet to the left side and harden wasn't even really set up for that one yet sailed high and wide right excluding ten yet to find the running game Damian Williams of three theories for eleven yards five yards rushing today they have to get it established throughout the rest of this year to help start tonight Kansas city three for four on third down Williams a motion in the backfield log homes pointing things out as he walks up to the line now backpedals long that left tax shot gun snap to my home for man holds what steps to the right side more homes flush throwing on the lawn in the no man's land the pass incomplete he just tried to show that one in the vicinity Byron Pringle book Pringle cut his route the ball sailed for mostly to the turf and so the chance go quietly here three and out is Dustin Colquitt is on for the first time tonight as an office.

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