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Seven, nineteen, eighty-one. Most of us like to be out in the sun that's my sunscreen and other safety measures are key to protect your skin from aging in cancer. The FDA recommended using sunscreen with a sun protection factor or SPF fifteen or higher. Also look for broad spectrum on the label that means both harmful ultraviolet a and B raised a blonde UV rays age the skin you'll be raised burned and both caused cancer, but the perfect sunscreen doesn't county. Use It wrong. Don't need sunscreen on a cloudy day wrong eighty percent of race still get through the Hanes only use sunscreen at the beach. nope. Anytime you're outside you being raised attack the skin. So you need protection and you have to reapply sunscreen every two hours remember SPF plus broad spectrum. If healthy fun in the Sun visit www dot FDA dot gov slash sunscreen for more information a message from the US Food and drug. Administration. You're listening to wrestling observer live with Bryan Alvarez and Mike Vivey on the sports byline broadcasting network. is here wrestling Zuber live Mexican. WRESTLING DOT com Paul Crockett's here. We got I W TV to plug it your own social media? Beyond wrestling whatever you want. Laura's yours Mr Crockett..

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