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Morning. It's 603 at Alabama's Morning news with JT. I'm Leah Brandon. It's sticker shock at the grocery store. Meat prices are soaring. Some of the grind cuts are up 60% In the case of our tenderloins, this is the most expensive. I've seen Chris Smiley with problems. Smiley Brothers Foods, he says. Prices usually go up this time of year is more people start grilling. But the effects of several other factors, including the pandemic, and labor shortages are pushing prices much higher. Don't for see any significant easing until the end of the summer. And that's kind of what I'm being told. I hope that I'm wrong. In the meantime, be prepared to pay more for that cookout. I'm Jim Farraday, a judge blocking the city of gansta in from approving construction of a controversial chicken processing plant. Circuit Judge George Day siding with the critics of the Pilgrims Pride Facility. Neighbors contend the plant what he meant strong odors, creating a public nuisance. They head of the CDC, now expressing alarm about the falling rate of covid vaccinations. In Alabama Doctor Rochelle Wolinski says it could be setting the stage for a resurgence where there are low rates of vaccination is where the virus will re emerge. And so in Birmingham in Jefferson County, where you have these low rates of vaccination is where you are at risk. She says. The vaccines offer strong protection even against the variants. They're working quite well. But what I would say is we worry if they're circulating virus that these variants could potentially mutate again and get us Out of the potential protection of these vaccines, which is why we want to decrease the amount of virus by getting people vaccinated. Alabama football announcing its scheduled a home and home series with Big 12 school, Oklahoma State, the Crimson Tide will visit still water in 2028 host the Cowboys the following year. I'm Leah Brandon, and this is Alabama's morning news Now back to your host. Here's JT. Alright, Leah. Thanks very much. It is 65, Speaking of the Crimson Tide, and it looks like to attend a blow is coming back to Tuscaloosa and we'll tell you what's going on. They're coming up in just about 15 minutes. Also, on the way this morning, we got a busy show. We're gonna be talking with our correspondent Fox correspondent in Chicago. Interesting here. Jeff Manasseh will explain why the Minneapolis residents are suing the city there as a lot to do with what's happening with this whole defund the police movement. A lot of people are not happy about that. So that's coming up later this morning. Also, Simon I went on President Biden heading to the G seven over there in Europe. He'll check in with us. John Dicker at the White House this morning. As well. And as we know yesterday, Mayor Randall Woodfin here in Birmingham put out a big reward for some information on the recent shootings, so we will talk with the mayor at 7 50 this morning. Also, some legal stories making headlines are Buddy Wendy Patrick. The attorney will join us. We'll talk more about those Some crazy stories as well at about 7 40 this morning. Jay Ratliff is back in with us today the market How are we doing? And how's our money looking the update on that coming up at 7 20. And there's a new poll out. Should businesses require their employees to be vaccinated before they return to work? The results of that poll and also, uh, will President Biden reach his goal of 70% of the population being vaccinated by the July 4th weekend? Michael Bauer, Our correspondent is on that tie West. Some good news from the Birmingham business Journal. That's on the way for us this morning at about 6 50. And also coming up later this hour. Society seems to be kind of upside down right now, Right? We're gonna talking with Jimmy Nelson with county citizens defending freedom about the woke culture. We're in the overboard reaction on everything. And what's a priority and what's not a priority in our world. These days, I'll tell you, President Obama has waited on that well as well. He thinks his cancel culture is going too far so more on all of that. Coming up at about 6 40 this morning. By the way Next, Kamala Harris has wrapped up her trip to Mexico without going to the border. Shocker. I know Roy O Neill, our correspondent with the latest on that after traffic and weather together, just about three minutes. Alabama's morning News Bodega Bodega Bodega Alfindo Mega Siamese sailors sell celery sandwiches. So wing about us are being bladder. Jamie. Yes. Did Did you want to try reading that line on the script there? Oh, yeah. Let's see..

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