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Now. Let's get you into the newsroom, Scott Jennings joins us. And here's the big story. This is breaking news on NewsRadio six ten WTVN. Just getting word this morning from ABC news at former Trump associate Roger stone has been arrested in Florida. And that's in connection to the Robert Mueller investigation. Son was taken into custody Fort Lauderdale, Florida charged with witness tampering among other charges against former Trump associate Roger stone, arrested in Florida this morning with the total number potential victims of Dr William Hill. Now Carmel health system growing thirty four there's call now for the revocation of his medical license. The call comes from Ohio attorney, general Dave ios with the Ohio medical board. Ultimately making that decision factories. Useless been fired by Mount Carmel as doctor in the hospital both face potential. Wrongful death lawsuits police and chillicothe e looking for whoever's responsible for slashing dozens of tires on his second. Straight. Officials took reports of around fifteen tires being purposely cut between nine PM and seven AM Wednesday night into early Thursday. Police are asking residents check home security camera footage. They may have doing that timeframe. One person is dead. Twenty others injured after a bus crash in New Jersey crash involved. Three cars in an Adirondack trailways puzzle setting to New York City happened around seven thirty pm Thursday along interstate eighty chief of police in a small Georgia towns is a person who killed four people. Last night is on the loose chief in rock mart about an hour, north west of Atlanta. This is a shootings happen at two homes a few blocks apart. The chief says two men and two women were killed Massachusetts. Senator Elizabeth Warren plans to propose a so-called wealth tax on Americans with more than fifty million dollars in assets warrants among the growing field of Democrats considering a twenty twenty bid for the White House. I'm Scott Jennings. Next report seven for breaking news, weather, alerts instantly, follow us on Twitter at six ten WTVN.

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