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Twenty two by lawmakers during those past session on pierre the issue of india vigil speeding along verrender i drive and four pierre has been contentious for some time but now it looks like the city of fort pierre has the solution fortress city council meant for the regular meeting monday nine and discussed the issue in depth the speed limit has posted a twenty five miles per hour on that stretch of road about sometimes people have been spotted going up to seven the miles per hour by local residents along verrender i now enjoys weller who have lived along drive for some time have appeared before the council in the past about the issue and spoke again monday alto the council monday that something needs to be done before someone gets hurt it's a big issue here will you are you we red alert jerod mayo all our the kilns along with the recommendation from fort pierre public works director recall on suggested that speed bumps be placed along the road why in additional sign stadium the speed limit replaced as well all parties agree that speed bumps would be a great idea on stated that he will be taking a look at it and get some options up there in reference to render ri for pierre mayor gloria hanson all join us right here on cases he are tomorrow morning at eight thirty for this week's edition of ask the mayor of orders in the wyman county school district or hitting the polls today four can its file nominating petitions for one of three positions available on the board this year the terms are for three years kenneth this for the lyman scoreboard include incumbents denis stanley of prussia oh kim schweitzer of pressure and two new people are vying for opposition or one of the three of that is most toonew people included justin judge jessop of prussia whoa and jo leinen laver for of lower brawl and come at the rhonda shells ski of reliance was not seeking reelection only registered voters loving within the boundaries of the lyman counting school district eligible the vote polls are open open until seven p m a foretell the man has been charged with voluntary manslaughter according to us attorney randy seiler a thirty one year old zachary is legal or was indicted on june fourteen and blood a not guilty to the indictment at that time.

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