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Shylock NewsRadio KDK to Allegheny County sheriff's deputies have been reassigned are under investigation and now in quarantine. They were seen on social media posing for a photo at a Brentwood restaurant open Saturday in defiance of the suspension of indoor dining. The deputies were with the owner of cracked egg, where the post Gazette reports. The dining room was full. Music venue on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, Once again has a new name. In January, Snt Bank one the naming rights to the concert venue, naming it s anti bank Music park, changing it from KeyBank Pavilion. Now, according to the venue's Facebook page, it appears it will be called the pavilion at Star Lake. The name being a call back to the original name Star Lake Amphitheater. Pennsylvania has cast its 20 electoral votes for Democrat Joe Biden, the native son, who's win in the state last month secured his overall victory against President Donald Trump. Today is the first day of early voting in Georgia for the state's pivotal Senate runoff elections. The outcome of the realm of the run offs will determine which party controls the U. S. Senate on CBS this morning. Democrats. Stacey Abrams, founder of the Voting Rights Organization Fair Fight, said Republican leadership is now asking for a huge turnout. When a previously discouraged Republican voters from casting their ballots. I don't try to dissuade anyone from voting and certainly not from voting by mail. But Donald Trump has spent the last month doing nothing but undermining the electoral system in Georgia. Just last night, he sent out another tweet. Undermining the system, and unfortunately, we know that it has had an effect on certain voters. Abrams ran for governor of Georgia two years ago and lost to the Republican incumbent that made national headlines when she refused to concede. On Wall Street just before the clothes have for until it's in, says the Dow is down 133 points at 29,913. The NASDAQ is up 79 points the S and P down 10 points. In sports. It's the Ravens versus the Browns tonight on Monday night football and you can hear that game on 93 7 the fan. The news is brought to you by beyond the Lincoln in Monroeville. It's 403 time to get more for your valuables by going to treasure hunt. No one treats you better triple A traffic in Doc. You weather together next Sitting down. How's your posture to.

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