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Course, it does. And that's the rub. It does deserve a look see. And that's why they don't want you to look at it. All right. Wanna talk to you little bit about Goldline Goldline's legal tender bar. Did you see what happened to the stock market? Just last night. US stocks index dropped five hundred points, the one tumbled of the Australian dollar tumbled Finks can change quickly. You know last night. I was reading about how Donald Trump said yet. We look at these tariffs these tariffs. And I think we're going to double the tariffs on China. Please please, Mr President stop your. You're hurting your chances to win stop it. It doesn't help the economy at hurts the economy, and he just doesn't believe that. No, he doesn't. But all the people around him. Do I don't I mean somebody's got to convince him. Anyway, the China's stock market fell as well at the same time that this was happening. We sent an aircraft carrier to Iran to let them know there's a line in the sand, and you violate this and we will strike back. The story that I read lead with oil prices could go up. Yeah. We could also be a global war. I mean things are so unstable right now money is going to change. I guarantee you in the next ten years. The US dollar is not going to be like the US dollar now in that transition. What does the world look like? Well, may I suggest you go gold and gold line get some of your money in some of your investment in gold. Somebody's gotta have something left when we restart. This thing. Goldline Goldline dot com, they'll take your phone calls. They'll answer your questions. They don't want you to buy anything necessarily today..

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