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I had a couple of this balmy live per second which is reading i wa one was an bucket on ice how did we get to this point where you know the listeners know that pepper loves we just starting now i love money said the avenue whoever i love notes i love temporal notes a lovely man coat thaw stall thaw hobein opened october lift thorburn if thorburn boy for secca i confidently it began with seoul any he did have long blonde hair say and he came up three said i've got something for you you sure this was a dream do me the most amazing people to the bucket of ice wither butler for secca at an end and some cops and then another lady coup becky bounce was she's okuba pow vows oh you've got one of those videos doll you ever ever you shirts to be one other eu tournaments mirror as called breastfeeding rush when we were hurting running out dr joyner wrap this one up ceo said what we bought a for second follow sacramental nick weather besides i feel why don't we do one like oh it's my real one racing yes with spray everywhere not radio one phobia one yet at republicans forever all right anyway so this is what happened.

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