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And they got back to me on that. We're about three minutes away from post time for the 7th race. Before we get to that race, let's get to the phones. Our good friend Charles in Mississippi, who I'm sure has a lot of stories similar to that. Charles, you bet in the races today, my friend. I bet a couple of races today, Bobby, but I want to tell you something about the 1990. Kentucky Derby that you mentioned, I was taking, I was watching the Derby in 1990 from JFK airport. I was flying to London, England with my second wife, and they were going in the gate and I had a bet on summer squall. And last call, that's kind of like that on the plane. Flew to London eagle, not knowing who won the Derby. Check the newspapers for three days before I found out that summer squall got debate, Bobby. I was in absolute agony, okay? The other thing I want to know is, hack and zand and tote me, Joel Rosario and James Scully. Tomorrow. You never know. He might have to he may have to tote more than that depending on what Dave and I say in the weekend takes preview presented by nyra bets coming up in 45 minutes. I haven't talked to Dave ahead of time, so I don't know who his pick is and I'm not going to let you know who mine is, but I have a feeling that listen and don't take this as a positive or negative. I have a feeling and especially what Chris Griffin was saying earlier that there are more people who were liking zanden than you think this time. Oh, okay. Well, look, I know you got to get to that race at aqueduct. But look, you know, you have a good one. I'll be listening to my brother. Thank you. All right, my friend. I appreciate the call, Charles. I got to get another good story for you. I'm going to get to it when we have a little bit of time, but I appreciate your call, have a great day, my friend. All right, Charles from Mississippi, real nice guy. And even nicer in person than he sounds like on the phone. Let's get out to aqueduct as Charles mentioned. We're getting close to post time for the upcoming 7th race mile and three eighths on the turf. It's an allowance event for three year olds and up that are non winners of one other than and they're just about at the starting gate now can tell you that the ulcers are scratched numbers 11 through 14. We've got a field of ten. Most of the money coming in on number 7 orchestration for Chad Brown and irad Ortiz junior 5 to two on the morning line down to 6 to 5 right now as the horses arrive at the starting gate. This is a horse who looked real good breaking his maiden last year at Saratoga going a mile and three sixteenths on the turf. Then he tried a other than competition as the favorite at keeneland and ran kind of a decent 5th beaten three lengths after having trouble in the race. He was gone from October last year to the end of July this year when he ran second going a mile in the 16th. My guess is that the extra distance does nothing but help his chances. I don't know if you want 6 to 5. Listen, sound like I'm giving you some grandiose hidden thing here orchestration looks very logical in this spot and they're betting them like he's going to win there are three of them vying for second choice behind him. Number three mo rewards who looked good at breaking his maiden on the dirt in his career debut, his turf speed figure since then have been even better. You've also got number 8 shawty shawty shawty for Jorge Abreu and Jose Ortiz one for 15 coming into this race and the ten analogy Todd pletcher trainee who also was stretching out past a mile and an 8th for the first time. A lot of question marks when you get these horses going a mile in three it's most of the field has never been close to this distance in their careers orchestration ran well going a mile and three sixteenths. That's about as close as anyone has gotten to this mile and three eighths distance. It's not quite as far as a mile in three 8s, but the way that orchestration runs doesn't look like he'll have trouble with this extra distance, just a question of whether or not he gets the right trip. And whether or not you want a short price. Talking somebody into a 7 to 5 shot. Listen, flight line 7 to 5, I'm telling you you should bet them. Orchestration at 7 to 5, you have options. As the runners arrive at the starting gate, C falls going in for norm Cassie and Kendrick Carmouche. Here's constitution lawyer ray handel trainee who is stretching out from a mile to a mile and three eighths. Last few going in, John embryo with the call. And they're off. It is sea falls and a search for truth. She falls, goes on with it. Search for truth is racing in second and there goes analogy now moving up on the outside and in between horses, fighter in the wind. Then we come back to orchestration, who's in 5th shawty shawty shawty alongside insect out at the rail is constitutional lawyer, a little bit right there and tough to handle farther back in the field. Airman and mo rewards at the back is partner tree in tenth. As the field comes into the stretch for the first time and the quarter one in 23 and four. C falls showing the way here. Sea falls is in front, analogy on the outside and second search for truth, saving ground down at the rail in third. And then it is fighter in the wind next in fourth. Followed by constitution lawyer and the favorite orchestration. We come back to shorty shorty shorty in the 7th and then it's a break of four lengths to more rewards down at the rail alongside is airman and Parker tree continues to trail. The half one in 48 seconds and sea falls now takes the field on to the backstretch at sea falls by a little more than a length. With analogy racing in second, search for truth has had a ground saving trip thus far alongside his fighter in the win and then it is orchestration who's right together with constitution lawyer and three quarters and one 13 and two. They are still chasing C falls, who is now opened up by three lengths. Analogy remains in second. Search for truth down at the rail. Followed by fighter in the win, constitution lawyer and orchestration then shorty shorty shorty for the back. It's Parker tree, mo rewards, and airmen. Sea falls.

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