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Station Pie. You're listening to bulletproof radio with Dave asprey. Today. We're GONNA. Talk about fitness with someone who I would call a fitness titan impact. That's what Forbes her none other than Kathy Smith. She's been doing this health and wellness thing for almost forty years of focusing on. How does she keep herself? Amazingly fit and healthy. And how does she help people do that? We're talking about. She pioneered her first fitness video in nineteen, eighty, one and You'd be like a lot of people listening to the show. You never actually pushed a VCR tape into a VCR thing, and had this other little stripes at the bottom, because the heads were misaligned, and all that stuff I did when I was in high school. Well, yeah, that was the first fitness videos and CDs DVD's leader none of that crap, but she's been doing it for so much time more than twenty million of. Of them sold super authentic and someone who's built a life and the lifelong business with connecting mind and body, and you're gonNA find this to be really inspirational. You'RE GONNA. Learn something about how you can actually be incredibly vibrant. No matter what you're doing, no matter where you are no matter how long you've been doing something that you love This is the second time she's been on the show I've been on her show. And Kathy? It's an honor to have you back on bulletproof radio. Oh, it's always so much fun. You're my hero in so many ways because I feel this alignment with you because you're I'm turning sixty nine this year, and when I when I, when I was your age and younger I, you've heard the story before, but I lost my parents when I was late teens, and that sent me on my journey of fitness wellness, healing the mind pulling myself out of depression, and so many of the things that I hear you talk about. went through a lot of those stages at different You Know Com same time. You're maybe a little earlier including. Since I was a product of the seventies you know all of the mushrooms and the psychedelics, and all that that was kind of that was happening at that point, not medicinal marijuana, but actually the smoking, the marijuana, and all that time period of self-discovery Meditation, but most importantly for me, it was as you mentioned the fitness and I started running at you know just to run away from my pain and my anxiety, and my fear, and my depression and I found. This little gem of of. Course something called endorphins and everything else. That happens when you work out. That just helped me out of that period so. Really loving the journey. I'm still stuck on the fact. You said you were sixty nine sooner. Cathy, no human who sees you? Sixty nine yet right whatever. I have found that incredible amounts of Najd happened when I interview people who are around seventy and older. Because Hey, I'm late forties. So that means you've got another couple of decades of experience that I can draw from that. Our listeners can draw from and you clearly have the brain in the energy to be able to just say hey, look, this is what happened. I've seen this one before. and. What I WANNA know is given that you have this history vision, which is way more accurate than mine. What has changed in the fitness industry over those four decades. When you've really paid attention to it, so walk me through kind of the cycles that you've seen. Tell me where we are today. Definitely lemming, wrap my arms around us right now. First of all I want to just say one thing as far as technology, so you started with the introduction with the VCR's and the VHS is. Honestly before that in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, eight was my very first product, and that was an exercise album. What if you could get access to all of the sleep stuff that I know stuff that I haven't put even in the blog yet..

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