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Hikers you're going to be required to show proof of their reservation as well as parking before they'll be allowed to make the climb. Joel Hyland K away news radio. Prince Harry, once again, making headlines, leveling fresh criticism against royal family and revealing how I guess so they parents in a new podcast is Harry getting personal. Speaking about the difficulties of growing up in the royal family, the Duke of Sussex, opening up on actor Dax Shepard's podcast, shedding new light on why he and Meghan left the family and moved to California. Saying he wants to break the cycle of pain in his family, calling it genetic pain while appearing to criticize the parenting skills of his father, Prince Charles. That is a B C's Mona Cross to rob the reporting. And finally, Janet Jackson's brothers were speaking out about Justin Timberlake's apology during the Super Bowl halftime show in 2004 that we can't stop talking about Number like was accused of purposely causing Jackson to have a wardrobe L punch in which you have the family was on Andy Cohen's serious XM Show Radio Andy Tito, Marlon and Jackie Jackson. Think Timberlake. They said it takes a man to step up in apologize. However, they said they'd like to move forward from the mishap Ng in the negativity that surrounds it. But media outlets like Haley News Radio won't stop talking about Yeah. WeII don't want to talk about it. It's just like it's not now and, you know, 17 years later. It's not a big deal. At this point. It wasn't a big deal. No big then, right, everybody getting upset about a bare boob God 6 37. We, um Bare boob. That's actually my nickname for you. Oh, thank you. Bear. Boo Boo Bear. Do you think we should just if we ever see this in a newscast again? Which region All right, punt on at 6 37 on Colorado's Morning news, John Morrissey on the drive this morning trouble spots. I don't see any trouble spots with all their bare boob. We've got ourselves a little kids. This'll will live forever. But we've got sunshine to deal with this morning. So eastbound..

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