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Us into Dr Anthony Fauci yesterday doctor felt she had a busy day he started his day off on CBS news face the nation well this is going to be a bad week Margaret unfortunately if you look at the projection of the curse of the kinetics of the Kurds we're going to continue to see an escalation also we should hope that within a week or maybe a little bit more we'll start to see a flattening out of the curve in coming down the mitigation that we're talking about that you just mentioned is absolutely key to the success of that so on the one hand things are going to get bad and we need to be prepared for that it is going to be shocking to some it certainly is is is is really disturbing to see that but that's what's going to happen before turns around so just buckle down continue to mitigate continue to do the physical separation because we got to get through this week that's coming up because it is going to be a bad week some good news and bad news there from doctor found G. I don't know what he's talking about the modeling again the models to some the White House models they've reviews like the one at the university of Washington beat with the projections in terms of hospitalizations and hospital beds needed in some of the states were way way way off by thousands good news coming out of New York over the weekend is that hospitalizations are down plummeted seventy five percent while discharges or way up and before we believe every single thing that Dr Anthony Fauci has to say let's remind everybody to do it's human at the same time this is a clip of the started to make its way around the web from January it's from January twenty first Dr Anthony Fauci was speaking to Greg Kelly on newsmax and was talking about the coronavirus bottom line we don't have to worry about this one right well you know obviously you need to take it seriously and do the kinds of things that the CDC and the department of homeland security are doing but this is not a major threat to the people in the United States and this is not something that the citizens of the United States right now should be worried about Hannah was in January that's awful when I was a bad one it's hard to live that one down and that to me I I think is why he kind of over corrected and started referencing some of these models that said two million people dead two hundred and forty thousand people dead now the models are saying it's going to be more like eighty thousand people nationwide by August if you're looking at the models I I don't know if that's it you're you're sitting nationwide policy and lockdowns on some of these models that had these crazy numbers meanwhile over in China they're opening things back up they got the streets lined with people right now and this is the most China story I could possibly tell you so early on in this crisis when Italy saw that China was having some problems Italy donated a bunch of face masks face guard testing equipment they donated that to China to kind of help them along did not charge them a single dime well since then Italy have their own problems and it just escalated so Italy they thought China was back open for business they said Hey if you have any leftovers we would like to have them back China said sure and they made it really pay for it aw they charged me to buy back the stuff very donated to them in the first place China's fault because I'm so angry at China right now the fact that all this is going on is because of their incompetence Matt bear is standing by in the W. I. B. C. traffic center all right here where we're looking at a cellphone sixty nine up in Pendleton right now man this is the background sure okay I'm taking a look at it and I gently and then we're gonna put on W. white BC traffic here to second all travel lanes are blocked.

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