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Tennis world with a victory Venus Williams when making instance bringing the praise in approval some of the greats I realize it wasn't hard but it was definitely hard to reset all this was going on and I was just telling myself if you want more moments like that you got a continual recurring continues a focus research she did on Wednesday defeating Slovakia's Magdalena rybarikova in the future they should please everything's has come together I am so proud of my daughter watching her and the maturity that she has in this last week and have two weeks obviously she wants to win the tournament but regardless of the outcome for me we've already had a success because we've come here and we've seen growth in her now the youngest woman to advance to Wimbledon stood round since nineteen ninety one she's not intimidated I think I can be anyone who comes across a court and if I don't think I can win the mansion I won't even step on the court will rule so incredible story rise again we're talking about a school girl who only ten fifteen in March is being doing exams in between qualifying like other teenagers being too about what she does in his spare time watching you two videos about makeup and Frank videos as well when she gets settlement called she is one of a kind neighboring states are telling Nike if Arizona doesn't watcher five hundred jobs bring them here both California New Mexico reached out to the shoe company after Arizona governor Doug Ducey said he was yanking tax incentives for proposed factory in his state to see said he was upset the company pulled shoes with the Betsy Ross flag because of concerns raised by former NFL quarterback.

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