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Online only banana Republic factory the questions on the while the post on patriots Joe Brown. We. We. What euros as euros right? Yeah. One euro, dollar twelve what you Dan. Dan, we even got twelve. America. Yo, see win that see when the Kersee I remember going over. And it was and it, and we will get less, then they might your money. You. You. You did their own. I say Rome currency to you, as the Dan euros came up. Five years ago. We ain't never been a lotta shit north saying. Never been below wasn't worth more than the dollar breath. Come on. That's gotta be wrong, and don't wanna super test says while the from the road. You're he loved the roads. Joseph browsers 'nother, you do the chat ever made a million, but always speaking on while the money I sound like a bunch of gold digging females stop pocket watching that, that was females. Do plans. I read around. Dollar equals ADA sent every night. I knew I want, you wrote dollar dollar toyah my bad. I knew he was taking a pay cut. We go over there. Man. I knew it. That's why I'm like. I want go. We'll go out to mastermind pound for pound support on the talk to me. We was due. Deal. Was was good. I think official after today. Any like I really thought like you know, nets being banned for seizures or might being all my guy about him about the about box. Don't get stay down. You. So you just call. Have you have you ruined to watch the top, right? Lovie lovie. I eat out any. Even the real Edo man, I had my party, the real Edo you give on some respect is cool. Everyone a little money as you get an extra spoke on his wheels, and a on his right here. These, these box Brown y'all I.

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