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The vittoria pows theater theater owner and hamilton coproducer cameron mackintosh said restoring these story building is taking more time than expected and he's sorry to change the performance schedule brusca jeffery sellars of those with tickets to shows that have been cancelled will be accommodated other dates as quickly as possible french president emmanuel macron has called for greater european investment in greece to help offset the cashstrapped countries increasing reliance on dawn european countries notably china at a round table of greek and french business leaders on friday mccrone said greece was forced to jews known european investors because the europeans were not there that he added showed that the europeans of no faith in europe william shatner is the busy man them now wants to take a bold step to explore the strange space that is the twitter verse he says he's working on what he's calling the ubuntu project referencing means south african concept of common humanity shutter says they're developing the technology now that will allow twitter uses to supporting chung through small donations it is six years old if the bone half a dozen creed of endeavors his juggling they include a new book on aging taking his oneman show on the road shooting a film he wrote and celebrating the return of star trek to the wrath of khan coming back to theaters 35 years after its original release on the movie shedrov said he enjoyed working with all of his friends back down and that the films still stands up as hordes continued popularity these says it's stupefying really thank you for listening to the ap radio network hey did you know that the associated press produces news related books here's what's new enough common first pet presidential god heads and other critters deadly force fatal confrontations with police the hubble telescope a universe of new discovery and many more visit ap dot org sledge close to purchase orders visit amazon barnes and noble dot com books.

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