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We're back up twenty minutes in to turn our one on this Thursday headed that West Dick Powell's house going to join us and we're GonNa Talk H. A. R. and it's been a buzz of activity already At Haakon and addict morning foreign-exchange. What time are you flying flying on Sunday and Saturday I'm flying afternoon to California a low Sau Saudi. Gotcha okay. I'm you'll ALCON. We'll see we'll see up there absolutely And the looking forward to it in fact I going to in addition to obviously the show. But I'm going to be moderating the rating An interesting interesting panel Wendy at the To as a as a non affiliated did observer to moderate the the surfaces the the racing surfaces piece and I mm because it's an area that I you know certainly we've talked about it and have had mic Peterson and have had plenty of Plenty Nia discussions over the years and I you know I I think I know I think I know enough to be dangerous but looking forward to it as as has always they've put together a a really nice docket of topics obsessions what. What are you tied onto I?.

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