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Minor very descriptive like go database client know and let's not let let us not talk about naming i have currently a further called common with a firework named shared that go nice i know help me johnson anti pattern by the way that's what's in it just you just nobody's advantage name mutuals yeah yeah the package is called common with one filename called shared that go in that were were were taken away your badge i need help people i've seriously for sending ben johnson over for an immediate go intervention who i any other interesting news i will go then my friends caught kurowski sent me as he works with mungo in his seminar news that they are doing unofficial won't go to be golds riper and this is interesting because there is a heavilyused go driver already but they are going they decided to do an official what they're gonna call the official one in put it on their own reports pose in there is a big blog post explaining why did they decided to do that so i'm just saying this because the people who who do use mongudhi be which is a lot of people this might be relevant for them so in the people who may want to participate in this development meant are nods i'm confused because i saw this headline in a didn't realize that this was talking about mgm oh two gustavo niemeier was the head of the ngo project forever two thousand eleven i think is when that came out and everybody in the community uses m geo and for the longest time the people at mungo recommended m g o as one of the best written drivers that took advantage of all of the possible features of longo and this this blog post they wrote makes it sound like it's limiting and not really a great tribe or so this is quite a a slip in opinion or a company that it's really interesting like i actually remember on borrowing some of the bisong logic out of that driver just because it was done so yeah the drivers beautiful and i don't know what the word count on this is but it looks like two thousand workers talking about why this opensource driver written by the community and contribute.

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