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We end today's show in chicago. Where workers at on the law growth tortilla plant station temporary walkout to protest low pay staff shortages and abusive working conditions including intimidation and sexual harassment. When they return to work discovered management had locked them out in retaliation. This is el milagro worker. Ama- gonzales they didn't let go back to work. We had our personal belongings inside the plan. In my case i'm pregnant. My medicine was still inside and they denied us entry. This is not fair. we're simply fighting for our rights. We're not trying to harm the company. El milagro claims and ongoing tortilla shortages due to supply chain issues but organizers say the company's lost staff due to their poor treatment of workers including their mishandling of the pandemic last year. Dozens of workers got sick during a covert outbreak. Five died this is another magog or worker. My team solace in cool changed up occupy peck tortilla packages per minute case. Put it on a pallet and come right back. Because if i don't keep up this pace tortillas will fall off the machine and they'll blame me. Workers have given el milagro management until end of day wednesday to respond to their demands. The company was founded in chicago in one thousand nine hundred fifty by raul lopez mexican immigrant cells tortillas around the country for more. We go to chicago to speak with horrid mujica strategic campaigns organizer at arise chicago..

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