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Lopez marine corps corporal hunter lopez twenty two of indio california was also identified as one of the us servicemembers killed. Thursday alicia lopez. His mother described her son as a resourceful child with a promising future and spoke about an earlier exchange between the two after he shared a picture of himself with a small afghan boy. My son called me and told me that the photo of him and the little boy. He scooped up the little boy and carried him on his shoulders for five miles to safety. He told me mama. We are so resourceful. We hardwired a car and got back to base to be safe. My son was going places. His mother jared m schmitz. The family of marine corps lance corporal. Jared him smits. Twenty is also going to dover saturday. His father mark schmidt said in a statement to cnn. The love and support that we've experienced is incredible jared's entire world was a us. Marine corps schmitz was from whence phil missouri and was particularly close to his nine year. Old special needs sister. His father said she worshiped the ground. He walked on schmitz wrote in his statement. He would meet her at the bus. Stop every day and walk home. It really made her day. Smith's father added. His son was a great friend. Nicole l. g. marine corps sergeant nicole l. g. twenty three of sacramento california was also identified by the defense department. Is one of those killed thursday just six days before the deadly attack. The department posted a photo on social media that was taken from jesus instagram account and showed her holding an afghan infant with the caption. I love my job. Following the attack. Cheese friend mallory harrison posted a powerful tribute on facebook calling g. My very best friend my person my sister forever my other half my best friend. Twenty three years old gone. I find peace knowing that she left this world doing what she loved cheese friend. She was a marine's marine. She cared about people. she loved fiercely. She was a light in this dark world. Darren t hoover rain. Core staff sergeant guarantee hoover. Thirty one was from salt. Lake city utah. There's a go fund me page for him on that page and is verified. It tells us that hoover is survived by his parents. Two sisters and his fiancee. His father dare. Hoover said his son was the best son to parents could ever ask for loving caring big old teddy bear. He was always the one to step up and defend the little guy. His heart was as big as can be. He has always been my hero. Kareem 'em nicola ring core lance corporal. Corinne m nicoli twenty of norcal. California was a true hero. According to verify go fund me page set up by a family friend. He was allied in our family. His aunt jamie chapelle wong wrote funny charming driven talented and dedicated to being a marine. The families hoping to raise money for things including gas and groceries to help. Lighten the load as they mourn and navigate this awful reality..

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