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SAS based applications and public cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google cloud. We're in the cloud generation now, so your firewalls have to be engineered to fit right in. Reclaim your cloud network. Try a barracuda cloud generation network or application firewall free at barracuda dot com slash firewalls. Sponsored by spot. Lincoln cooperated. Stocks disgusted feels gang. You're not in any way, your recommendation force by Ciller whole considering information presented we I recommend you. Seek Cala confidence. Licensed professional vice. A radio show. That tells you what Wall Street does. It's your. Manage your money. Now, it's time for. Off the Wall Street radio network. Host randy. Surveys. Raising interest rates by one quarter point. Quarter of it removed a language saying that its policy is currently accommodative again raising that rate by a quarter-point to shoot a quarter percent it continued to signal further increases in the months ahead. Saying that expects the further gradual increases in the in the rate will be consistent with policy..

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