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Icy hot stuff, too. It's not actually shot but Very similar. It's it's the perfect one. How is your back? It's all right. They just put out of the box the other day and Different spot than I've ever had. So But nothing, nothing. Really too much to be concerned. About what? Definitely continue to stand talk that has always are you playing today? I'm in there. All right. All right. Last thing for you. Do you guys have a Like. Remember the movie Major league. Every time we win, we peel a section where you have that thing and go. They breaking us up. Every time we win. We peel a section and it's a picture of Mr Rickets or whoever up there Uh, no, but I mean, we do like I said, we're just we're playing with a good fun chip on the shoulder. Um, we're enjoying. We're enjoying this. Definitely You see? Um, guys that have been here and join it. Guys that haven't been here. Enjoying it. Um And it's just It's just been a good blood like I said, and we just want to keep playing well and keep building. I feel like we're continuing to just build this belief that Um You know, we know we're a good team, but it's about being a really, really good team and knowing that no matter what, you you can win a game, so Has that belief continues toe grow. I think our team will continue to get better. Have a great game today. Look forward to talking to you next week. All right, guys. Thank you Take care to anybody. There he is. Anthony Rizzo. It's a really interesting comments today, Champ play with a chip on our shoulder. I can't disagree with what you're saying about winning in spite of what the plan might be really, really good stuff. So there you go. Dee Gordon being part of the Cubs. Doing exactly what the White Sox Day. Just add some speed with Billy Hamilton. And now here comes D. Gordon. They're taking the Sox game plan. These strange Gordon, please. The strange Gordon Craig and his friends call him various because his name is diverse. That's a that's a good hotel name to standard divers. The strange Gordon. All right. Charles Barkley on the Aaron Rodgers situation. Great stuff. Anthony Rizzo brought to again by Chicago and Toyota dealers. Dear Driver, Hurry and save Toyota in Valparaiso University. Barclay. Next good mornings on ESPN. 1000 Chicago's home for Sports Chicago sauce. Might be the best place made all year. Such cardinals wrap up the series today at 12 30. This is the new home for the Chicago White Sox, ESPN 1000 on the ESPN Chicago APP. You went to the phone calls coming up here on Capitol Hill. But Draftkings at Casino Queen Sports Book is America's.

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