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Along and the listeners insist that we cover that and I get to it sent from many many people and the math Gator is the story I'm sure you guys all saw this this was a viral Facebook post from in Loretto Tennessee police department they were writing about a man they had arrested named Andy who police say they caught attempting to flush methamphetamines along with several other items of personal you down his toilet as the police entered his apartment so they were putting up a Facebook post to warn people about the dangers of animals because the drugs get into the water somehow it could get in the animals as well ducks geese and other fell frequent or treatment possibly shudder to think what one hyped up on math would do further more if it made it far enough we create math Gators initial creek and the Tennessee River down in north Alabama so people were terrified about the thought of a gear on methamphetamines understandable by the way I read it especially when it's coming from a legitimate source like a police department well they ended up having to apologize for it and they said they had no idea that it was going to go viral they did not expect this much traction they were just trying to stress that you shouldn't Fleischer drugs down the toilet because it because it's dangerous right but they said there is no danger of a math Gator and it's something that we have to worry about so please officially cross that off your list of cans to be deathly afraid about but they're very they're people who are very disappointed that I turned out to not be try would want to math Gators a pet be a partner of a man who died after read a gecko has remember him as a happy go lucky person who is always up for a laugh dole told the news a seven in Australia that David gal was the best dad and they have been together since they were eighteen nineteen years old he was thirty four years old dowdy was recently at a party where he was dared to swallow a gecko never do that's terrible I mean it's a terrible thing well he contracted a similar salmonella infection as a result again he swallowed the lizard on a dare his partner left behind his I don't want him remember like this I'm gonna remember the happy times are really concerned about our three children I want to protect them I don't want people harassing us because of this because that is the type of thing that makes the rounds and you can see the kids going to school to go your Daddy died from small a loser is that right dad was me was far enough to wash the lizard first yep so you get the seven I just I mean of of a long list of ways that you could die yeah never really expect that's how you're going to go yeah now I do have swallowed back on my life you do number four as David thought he was just be the life of the party he deserved it that way Becky hills partner was in the yard in their home in the British town of paid ten hanging the laundry to dry gizmo their tiny brown and white miniature Twyla was with them until he wasn't alley this story will resonate with you a sea gull one this guy and snatched the brown and white pop on Sunday no to try to grab gizmo is the goal flew away she said but she could reach the dog Kerry gizmo us far away as into we couldn't see him anymore I have no idea if he was dropped to where he is now now did just fine were you here Allie told us the the story of what happened with her in San Diego the Siegel attacking her in a room no but like the rest of world I thought on Instagram and was was terrified for her I was like this is really quite a concern was there any danger in your mind alley that the C. goal was going to pick you up and carry out to see a little bit but I got over it okay this is a four year old gizmo was only four point four pounds by the way ms hill originally posted a plea for help locating his one Facebook but ended up taking it down because people were were trolling her comments the cast doubt on her claim although possible the suspected attack would certainly be a rare occurrence because he goes to not have talents to be challenging to pull off such a feat said Kevin a gallon of the Cornell lab of ornithology he said the answer would be very unlikely although he was not there to witness the event their actual ing as a poor woman yeah lots yes singles are big you guys yeah and and the dog was only four pounds I'm I'm sorry this happened regal as well this is something you don't see very often this is a county fair in Belafonte in Ohio and like many county fairs across the country they have livestock showing this is where you take your cal or your pedigree or go to your Turkey or whatever and it's a competition to see who wins a ribbon and a prize unfortunately all of those animals then go to slaughter afterwards and that is the case in this in this story as well this was a prize winning lamb who was best in show basically and the little ten year old that raises slam got almost four thousand dollars for the victory however because the animals all go to slaughter afterwards they drug test the animals and there's now a scare the one Ohio because this lamb was on the Jews this lady was I'd be the users of the apparently they found traces of something called for rest of my life it's a diuretic known by the brand name Lasix that have been found in the land it could partially de hi treat the animal to make the muscles feel more solid so this is a better land is never going to be in the hall of fame this was just trying to make weight that's what we strive to do so this is I guess what I guess what they do is the you know with that when the judges inspect the animals they look at the with of their low into the thickness of their muscle structure in their thinking about is this I perfectly formed animal you know that we will we'll get the best meat out of town and this label is cheating you guys that's all for correcting the one final sport of right sensitive like they this is the one I believed in light I yes I am yeah I know that these livestock competitions were in fact competitive but I had no idea that it got to the point where people were using drugs to try to win I'm never gonna look at that sport again the same and finally I want to end on a sweet story because we've had some loss in some death and some sadness this is a I think this is the sweetest store in the world he's a fashion designer named Henry can he is thirty two years old and he is a goldfish in films yes he has about twenty gold fish but unfortunately like many people vote goldfish he has occasionally come in and found them floating upside down sinking to the bottom of the bowl were being turned off road side all people have gold fish out it is very calm yeah it's very come get it and there are lots of reasons for this there's no one specific thing that causes swim bladder disease but it has something to do with either over eating or the water not being the right to others maybe the water isn't clean enough for does that the right OCU balance maybe they have to spend too much time at the top getting the kind of food that floats well this he had seen this happen so he had a goldfish that started to get the swim bladder disease and he built the goldfish a wheel chair.

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