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Your weekend take care good night ankles sandy and here comes valerie valerie i won't sing the song oh okay thank you i'm sure i'm sure you know no no valerie oh another son named valerie sharon who's turning around my door but she sure looks different now the way she looked before they call her van it goes on i don't think it's a song by the monkees google it i'm sure you hear it okay thank you you're welcome my question is by husband has a ls and we're going to remodel our kitchen and our bathroom and i was just trying to find out about some kitchen innovations where the cabinets the interior of the cabinets can come down so that he can reach them he can't raise his arms and i had heard about these new types of cabinets where the interior of the show come down yes there are you know who you need to speak with is someone who specializes in universal design which is design for people of all abilities usually if you you know if you talked to someone at the the cabinetry store there are kitchen and bathroom designers that's civically have certification in universal design and can help you because you're going to want the cabinets that pull down i know exactly what you're talking about you grab a handle and they pulled down so that he'll be able to reach it you also can get cabinetry that you can roll underneath as well in wanna make sure that they're you know know thresholds that are going to the problem with threshold right thresholds are tough in the getting the walkers over threshold rate the the doorways need to be opened up to thirty six inches is inches thirty inches of rain right and thirty inches is going to be really really tight so thirty six inches should provide enough clearance and then in the bathroom of course you're going to need a lot of handrails so we have those we just perfect perfect we were told that we should change the way out of the bathroom so that the toilet is the first thing because that's what you use the most and then the shower we're getting rid of the tub and then the showers should be at the end that makes absolute sense and then you can also get rid of the threshold in the shower and install a linear drain so the so you can roll right into the shower area and then the the water goes along the side of the shower in the back and the the floor gets sloped up little bit so that the water slides down into it it's called the linear drain linear drain okay and that universal design is that a site or no that's a special certification that some kitchen and bathroom designers have they i would maybe look on well if you did a google search for room for universal design in your area i think that would probably be your best bet okay all right well thank you very much it's definitely a specialty so there are lots of little little tricks that that can be an and specific fixtures that can be installed to make life a whole lot easier that would be good that would be helpful you look up that song valerie by the monkees okay no less monkeys they were awesome was it was a dvd song love davey davey gone tonight valerie tonight thank you all right you were monkeys fan i did i loved that show and what about the music which was often written by neil diamond so what's not often not often sometimes well being boyce and hart a number of people wrote saw my favorite monkey song was written by carole king which one take a giant step oh i i album though you've played it i'm not gonna sing i'll just recited so you've played it love and loss and sorrow has turned your heart.

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