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Local tv advertising alpacas signs dot com that's a l p a c a signs dot com how packers signs in designs a company has unique as its name please get a special in studio guests julie grill here the chair of the easter seals volleyball committee to talk about the upcoming see a easter sales volleyball challenge to tell us about this year's events we are so excited no for one the fact that we can serve thirty thousand people in our community for is easter sales in disability services like that's amazing and the reason we can keep doing that is because of volleyball events like this and the past 15 years we've raised over five million dollars wiles incredible their share 400000 is the goal we are all queued up and ready to go it's the weekend of march ii through fourth and william penn high school we switch locations last year to william pan they they were phenomenal hos opened were so excited to return to william penn the sheer so friday late afternoon or early evening we give it a start and we will play until sunday afternoon on march fourth laugh now for those people who may not know tell us what easter soules is all the bell easter says is all about serving people with disabilities and when we talk about people were talking about children were talking about adults and a great way to think about it is one in five people will be impacted with a disability in their lifetime and we are serving all of those needs getting out lives independence play work all of those types of components that we need to sir with people with disabilities and again thirty thousand people that we serve in our community which is phenomenal absolutely incredible so if somebody wants more information on easter seals or 4 of course the big volleyball event where can they go they can go to our website so www dot volleyball challenged dot com brings you into easter seals.

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