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Am Brandon Brown most definitely especially this weekend not the NASCAR driver. Hey. But you know what? Forty three points above the line yeah. One race to go and would that be nice. To get to get that hometown Fredericksburg team into the NASCAR playoffs and the expanded series speaking of xfinity series. Man, what a weekend I know. You know I've I've done it before. So I know you're burned out you know what? You're probably not. Probably not as much as you normally would be because in a non cove it. Yeah. Situation you would have done more stuff yourself in the infield and stuff like that. Yup, absolutely. So we had we had NASCAR playoffs weakened Richmond raceway this past weekend a four races in three days, which sounds really daunting My Responsibility. is going around and creating content the entire weekend talking to fans you know getting their perspectives showcasing everything on social media. Half of the weekend was just not there just because there's no practice, there is no qualifying. There are no fans know anything except for on-track action during the four races and the majority of stuff that you were able to do was actually from the outside yet. How the PEOP- The employees at this track and I know. They're doing nascar doing a great job. Yes. They are with the covid nineteen? Protocol. But the employees of the racetrack which NASCAR owns. Can't get in the Infield just blows I mean it's not because I mean you have. To get more in last Tuesday prime example when we did the show. I had to go through Covid nineteen protocol certainly did Sir signed a lot of paperwork If if you go through that protocol and you had to do it every day yes. I did get to do it every day. I don't understand why can go in the Infield that just blows them I know what they're trying to do they're trying to. Limit the contact yup of everybody. But the problem is, is that like you? You would be doing stuff from probably farther than six feet. So here. Here's why and I'll give you I'll give you a couple a couple of good examples of why I had actually had an infield stick that I didn't know about the first day. So I got I did not go the Infield the first day, and even when I did go into the Infield, they were very strict on who goes in and when run in what's going on everything. So if you had certain people go into the Infield, who weren't quote unquote essential and had nothing to do. It. Raise, the PA raised the possibility of them, going up and talking to team members and talking to drivers that they might not should have been doing and the drivers themselves are on especially big lockdown compared to what the teams are. So we didn't want to you know, and again ask has done a great job we to eliminate people who are you know work here in Richmond to infiltrate the many bubbles that each of the teams had with their with their. Teams and drivers, and members, and all that good stuff. But a great weekend racing after figured out, you know the lay of the land in what I couldn't couldn't do. It was really you know we stayed social distance the they had the great plan in place, and then we saw some awesome racing with the trucks to community series races and then the Cup series race. We had domination in on on Saturday..

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