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A pleasant sound here in Wilmington as chill wind only could tell your her husband saw the plane give weight when he was out on the deck making a call and he yelled for his wife and his children to run I grabbed her and then ran out the other side of our house and all the other door I'm like are you guys okay we were fine how about you that might be pretty banged up but I think I'm okay Joanne's husband suffered a broken leg she can't go see it because of coronavirus restrictions but she's okay her daughters okay and given the tree through their bedrooms she is happy to be alive in Wilmington Karen regal WBZ Boston news radio the Boston convention and exhibition centre turned into a thousand bed field hospital took workers just a few days to do it union officials say members from sheet metal workers local seventeen worked around the clock to adopt the convention center's air system for the enormous temporary hospital workers added infiltration modifying the rooftop ventilation units and preparing isolation rooms to keep everybody safe as a large makeshift shelters opening for the homeless individuals on the north shore the mayor of Salem is focusing on helping homeless families the temporary shelter set up at the Salem high school field house has been several days in the making cities of Salem Beverly and Lynn work together on this in addition Salem mayor Kim Driscoll on Twitter talked about getting help for homeless families are trying to match up some homeless families that we have in Salem public schools we still have a number of families that are living in shelters or motels I think you'd agree with me that no child should be living in a motel or shelter.

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