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Boston, Donald Trump, Facebook discussed on WBZ Morning News


You still looking good coming from the west as well the pike is moving just fine in fact twenty eight minutes forty five right to login Tory grandee WBZ's traffic on the threes are still a lot of low hanging clouds here in Boston this morning although it is attempting to look a little bit brighter as we head deeper into the six o'clock hour we are at seventy degrees already very humid start to the day and the humidity will be close to oppressive throughout the day today we'll see some sunshine and temperatures will be around eighty or in the low eighties in some communities a round of showers and thunderstorms a good bet for tonight into tomorrow morning before it starts to clear out we're expected to see some sunshine especially in the afternoon tomorrow and highs once again in the upper seventies to low eighties will notice the air starts to get a whole lot drier and a beautiful day kicks in on Sunday with high temperatures right around seventy right now it is seventy here in Boston cloudy skies and again very humid out the door six oh five on a Friday president trump signed an executive order making it easier for people to sue social media companies like Facebook and Twitter over content on their platforms digital trends analyst Matt Katz says.

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