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You can follow us on Twitter with the username at this morning show. If you like some cynicism and sarcasm you can follow me directly on Twitter with the username at Gordon Deal. The White House is bracing for a wave of post midterm departures as staffers leave for President Trump's reelection campaign. An indication that the administration is shifting its focus to twenty twenty reporter Alex Eisenstaedt at politico says the first moves could come shortly after next week's midterm elections. Alex. What will we see? After next Tuesday's lot of White House staffer starting to move over to Donald Trump's reelection campaign, which is really going to become the political focus for the White House after the midterm election of finished who might be leaving any many big names. We'd recognize the name that are involved took a guy named by the name of Bill Stepien who has been in charge of organizing. The White House is strategies for the midterms another guy by the name of Justin Clark who likes stepping was a was a player on Trump's twenty sixteen campaign and work in the White House. Both of them are expected to leave shortly after the midterms and you're likely to see a wave of other White House staffers follow and so really when you look at a White House. That's really been emptying out. Even before that, you even more all about building in the weeks to come is this a pretty much standard timing for presidents who are seeking a second term. It is. And you saw similar things happen after the first terms of Brock. Obama, and George W Bush white houses, this is happening slightly earlier though, and that sort of falls in line with what we're seeing in politics, generally, which is that as camping and get more and more sophisticated more and more money gets spent campaigns in politics are getting speeded up much earlier. And so that necessitates earlier staffing. All right. So the canopy disruptive at all when your some of your key players are leaving potentially. It would be a problem for the White House say they could not find people to fill those roles that are now has been a problem for the White House and in monks prior where they've had sort of a lot of empty slots to fill. It remains to be seen. Whether they're going to be able to find people who can still the position that are going to be. We're speaking with Alex Eisenstaedt reporter at politico. He's written a piece about moving day in which White House staffers are set to leave to help the Trump reelection campaign after the midterm elections were that phrase come from by the way, moving day moving day will be a familiar phrase to those of your your listeners who are golf aficionados. And they wonder stand that on the third day of a golf tournament. For example, the masters the moving as the Saturday the second round where basically all the players are contention sort of launch an effort to move to the front of the pack and make a move from where they're currently standing God. It's. Might the people who are leaving or might that list of people change in some way, depending on mid-term results. Yeah. Good question. You know, I think the world is going to be a different place when we wake up next Wednesday. And what you could see some people get blame before how the outcome is goes, you could see people get credit for how the outcome goes. The White House is really sort of. I it's a wild kind of play for that. Where figures get pointed and people also wash take credit, depending on how the outcome goes. And then you mentioned two other preparations are underway behind the scenes like what? President Trump is aren't teacher woman. Ron Ron Ron and began you'll to stay on for a second term is on teacher. His campaign. Staff is already begun scouting out office space in northern Virginia. And he's already named to campaign manager guy by the name of Brad purse gal who was digital director on this twenty sixteen campaign. And then as you point out to the generally speaking there needs to be somebody who is a connector between the current administration and then the reelection group. Absolutely. So this was something that you saw rock Obama, and George W Bush were able to sort of put together with with somebody who could stay in the White House and actively as on between the two buildings it's unclear gonna take on that role for White House. So we do know that you're.

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