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World your stand towards me thanks dad The Daily Telegraph in England reporting that Saddam could lose Harry Kane this summer if the spurs currently sitting in seventh and were merely table missed the champions league but many believing that king would never play for another EPL club Ramage any event this would emerge as the favorites the twenty six year old with a price tag of around a hundred fifty million pounds more fifth round FAA cutbacks as Manchester city nonstop Sheffield Wednesday one mill and a Sergio Aguero's score in the fifty third minute Saddam falling to Norwich city three to two on a penalty shoot out while Leicester city gets past Birmingham city one mil Italy taking drastic action to try to combat the spread across a virus my closing to fans all sporting events in the country till April third expected to resume the schedule this coming week the six matches their football last week being played this weekend so far more than three thousand people have been infected in Italy with more than one hundred deaths the patriots quarterback Tom Brady on Instagram livestream with UFC president Dana white says he's unsure what the future holds for him as he hits free agency for the first time in his career on March eighteenth the forty two year old representatives can begin negotiating with teams on March sixteenth Boston Red Sox waiting on a third medical opinion on ace lefty pitcher Chris sale after the thirty year old had an MRI on Tuesday due to experiencing elbow soreness on Monday sale was shut down last August with elbow inflammation but did not have surgery I'm Dan Forsman that's your Bloomberg NBC world sports update more headlines and breaking news twenty four hours a day at the Bloomberg dot com business please visit Bloomberg business slash everybody seventeen minutes past the hour we update markets every fifteen minutes on Bloomberg radio Brian Curtis reporting live in the Bloomberg interactive brokers studio here in Hong Kong and as mentioned we do see rallies across the region but they're in pretty narrow ranges most of the markets outside of New Zealand are trading you know eat in the sort of less than one percent range nothing like the four percent rally that we saw on Wall Street we had the S. and P. five hundred gained four point two percent and part of that was due to the stimulus we have the monetary stimulus coming from the fed with a fifty basis point cut and also eight billion dollars of new spending authorized by Congress and as long as we're on the subject we might have a tick off monetary easing coming from among others the U. S. Canada.

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