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I cannot count the number of times. I've left my house 'cause spattered with my own blood because I was in a hurry to get newburger and I didn't want my rating to get too low. Welcome to you're wrong about the podcast. Where the Perm of misconception meets the flat iron of Hindsight Oh my God right how? I had a month to make that the perm of misconception. That sounds like something in the never ending story. I am Michael Hobbs. I'm reporter for the Huffington Post. I am Sarah Marshall and I'm a woman sitting in a closet talking about O.. J. Simpson asking a boy to love the show. We are on on patriotic at Patriotair Dot com slash. You're wrong about and it appears by the time we have this out that we will be selling merch. If you want more details just go to our twitter page agent will put something on twitter slash. You're wrong about I'm pretty sure. Yeah thank you for coming on this ride with us. This is episode four. Yes in our series on the Okay Simpson Simpson trial. Yeah we're four hours into our telephone and we're about to go all the way my very good. I am extremely excited. Talk About Marcia Clark and about this period of investigating OJ. I guess during and after the Bronco Chase Yeah. I want to start by talking about who Marcia Clark is kind of right now versus who she was maybe four years ago the American mind. She's someone who's gone through a really interesting rehabilitation of image very recently. Like what's your experience of that. I mean she was one of these women that was sort of in the wave of recapturing in ninety women who really got treated terribly right like Tanya and Lorena Bobbitt and Marcia Clark was one of the main people that we've now returned to and been like like we were really mean to this lady who seemed to have been doing her best. Yeah did you like have a sense of who Marcia Clark was before her. Image kind of got rehabilitated habilitated In Two thousand sixteen with the Ryan Murphy Show about the OJ Simpson trial. I really didn't I mean I don't actually think that I had such a negative view of her at the time nine. I think I just thought that she was incompetent. Because you're an eleven year old boy and you're kind of not communicating in the language of Misogyny. That was being spoken so so fluently around. I mean I think I was but I just think that it didn't attach itself to her for whatever reason. Maybe for millennials like Marcia Clark in the uh-huh same way that so many other women who had jobs and in public inspired this kind of vitriol among their contemporaries that may be kids at the time didn't got got because many of us were used to have working mothers so we were like. Oh look it's it's mom. What do you think the big contrast between her for years ago in her now? Well well first of all. Tell You my first impression of Marcia Clark which is that. I started researching the O.. J. Simpson trial for the first time. Five years ago and got to the part where Marcia Clark a prosecutor is introduced and I was like. Oh there's a the prosecutor is a woman that's need like I had no. I had no memory of her. Oh like I had no sense of her being someone on who was attached to the case like I had no sense of her as a legendary figure. I remember when I read Jeffrey. Toobin the rest of his life which is the first book I ever right about the Oj Simpson trial in which really like open my eyes to some of the complexity that we we had forgotten since the sense that I got about Marcia Clark and the thing that probably immediately made me really like her and had like started my like attachment to her as a a a figure in the story that has has grown and blossomed to this day in which I must be open about up front. I really like Marcia Clark. And the first thing I liked about her was was that like she was the one person who is taking this seriously and also that she was trying. I mean she let me actually read you quote. Marcia Clark has a memoir called without a doubt written with Teresa Carpenter in it. She says that one of the things she likes about court is is that there are clearly delineated rules of combat rules that follow reason which to me kind of says a lot right this idea that she is drawn to work as a trial lawyer and she's he's like later on her career promoted out of prosecuting and given an office job in hates it and asked to be put back in Litigation Gatien interesting but what she's saying is that one of the things that she loves about. It is that you know there are rules. There are clear rules and their rules that are oriented toward logic and toward finding the truth. We're going to hear the phrase search for truth a lot and the next several hours of the show so okay got ready. But that that's what she believes is. Trials are four and what trials are capable of and that she believes that the law is able to actually bring about justice. Like you get the sense that she is operating being from sincerity and from also a belief and you know we are all coming here to honor reason. Basically than and that's not at this trial did I know I was just GonNa say it sounds so naive now especially knowing what we know about the Oj Simpson trial and knowing what we know about the legal system. Generally that the idea that it's this pure thing and everybody follows the rules and all anybody wants is to find the truth. It just like hopeless some Howard. So it's very like trust the system thinking think it's not as if she went into this trial as as like a newly as what she calls a baby be a like. She's he's forty years old at the time that her involvement in this case against ends you know so. She's Cuban a prosecutor for over a decade at this point shoes also been in high profile media cases before like she tried a case that was featured prominently on court. TV So she already even knows what it's like to be working with kind of celebrity concerns and to have cameras on her all the time so this is really new for her. Which I find interesting to like? It's not as if she's like young or green. You know I mean. She's she's a woman in her sexual actual prime but she's not young as well. I want to it. Leave there any door open to the fact of to the idea that I'm you know that's less than complimentary about Marcia Clark's age because I guess feeling nineteen ninety-five was a really you you know was enough yet right. Because he's like facing off against f Lee Bailey who sixty two years old and looks like. He's eighty because of the kind of life if that he's been drinking his way through like she one who has to have thousands of words written about her under eye bags totally totally and the fucking haircut thing which I'm still mad about. Let's let's talk about that too. What do you know about like Marcia Clark's appearance? I bet you could tell me in great detail about like what she looked like at various times. Could I admit it's something. Yeah I know I'm supposed to avoid boilers but the other day. I was looking for a photo to include in this post and it was on interview with Marcia Asia Clark like a year ago or something and it was her talking about the infamous makeover. She began I. I always make them up but she began the case with a Perm right and then she straightened out. Later was the other way around. She began with a perm okay. She became permanent she had like a makeover quote unquote and then she had straight hair and so of course chorus is built up at the time as like. Oh the cameras are on her and like she's trying to go see it up and she's trying to look more professional bubba so in this interview that I cheated and read and I promise I won't do it again whereas this interview sheet it it's in vulture. Okay they're asking about the haircut and she says that was a media creation in in the very beginning of the case before opening statements are press person said he did a haircut. It looks messy and I did. It was kind of scraggly so I got my haircut. That was an after that point. Join the media. Goes crazy with this shit. It's just so weird. They're came that point in the trial when my perm grew out I didn't have the time to go out and get permed again that particular morning I looked at myself and and said just blow it out and stop trying. You can't keep it up. You're never going to have time to go back to the hairdresser now and I have straight hair so blew it out. Dust began the media parade about the makeover. Well how could I still look like.

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