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That it doesn't mean anything doesn't indicate a real caller but is still information when an answer is returned when your phone company queries that database and information is returned your phone company will pay a small fee to that database for that information the caller id database then sends that backup to the entity that controls the number who then in turn passes compensation along to the scammer who is their customer sounds like these scams are getting increasingly complicated so how much money are scammers actually making this the thing to keep in mind about this is that this is not a big payday for them this is more offsetting the cost of actually executing all the calls so you know like one company that we found advertisers the ability to blast outlook six million calls a minute so once you get to scale these little fractions of pennies can really add up in a big way but this is just a sort of helps offset the broader cost of a robo calling campaigner an illegitimate robocall in campaign i should say it's not something that you know is their bread and butter it just makes it easier to to do and sort of greece's the wheels sarah what about spoofing is that related to the scam so spoofing for those of you who aren't familiar is is where a caller will fake number so they could fake legitimate number and illegitimate number they're just using technology to sort of make up and fill at number and they will likely pick one that is near you in terms of an area code that's called neighbor spoofing to encourage you to pick up so that's a little different than what we're describing here but that to be clear is definitely the most prominent sort of scammer robocall type that's going on now that impacts both mobile phones and landlines okay so back to this particular scam how do we stop it usually we're told not to answer the phone so is there anything call recipients can do here the main thing is don't answer the phone and don't call back in some cases these scammers want to know that they've reached a working number or a human that's potentially going to be responsive down the road so you're likely opening yourself up to more phone calls if you answer and show them that there's a living breathing.

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