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I just saw you know those click bay they you'll never believe i saw calling camper nick next to brave mchenry and i was like all no did you click it no when i looked at axios pm reporter big brit mckenry rips gq for naming calling cabernet cecilia is she still relevant can she still girder towing a kid he's still go to towing companies and save you know who i am i i don't know man there's a couple down here on a click on jeff goldblum plagues which of his characters would when in a fight like that's a cool when those it adds a rabah all i'm willing the dive down dark secrets the cast of home improvement tried to hide no i can't do that fifteen disappoint i have viewed any under franchises have too many good good memories the hit 90s cartoon none of the networks wanted question mark is watering by the way wolverine yeah nobody wanted wolverine as a as a cartoon in the morning but now the blades yeah exactly did weird greg because i've always said i've always said this greg is my favorite listener he everyone's doing the dili dili's an icecold bar lie here illegally dude i had people call it saint dili deal with me last night oh and by the way i went home and i disgusted with my wife shoes listening the part of the show but not the the icecool birla here versus dili dili in she thinks that you're insane icecool bud light here's when he's wow that's lowers he said shan wiring see you walk in and she's like back achieve for dinner denied ververy buddy dili dooley a hours says sorry charisma philip rivers as not sold his soul to the devil light t b twelve or keith richard that's true is washing up in on it fast slide downhill i'll i i wish he would run into denver on his slide out now he's on his by he sliding did you slide on your by ice light on my belly will not on my fee some i slip on my.

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