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But they did not point or cite the Henry Ford study of the Mount Sinai study, or you talked about the Milan study. Dr Oz has talked about that and another study. So it seems to me that politics is all over this, and you're also saying financials are all over this and that bothers me greatly because for me, the only concern ought to be saving lives. Correct, but I think that all fingers point to the FDA. I think the FDA is basically behind the whole problem. And it's been, uh, carrying out a charade against evidence against science, and at least July went on July 1st put out a black letter warning. Saying that the drugs should not be used in outpatient circumstances because of risk of cardiac rhythm problems. And underneath that black weather warning was the box. Saying that the basis on on information about adverse events in hospitalized patients. These are six severely ill hospitalized patients that have involvement of the virus throughout the body, including the heart and the heart muscle and from those adverse events, they extrapolated. Two people with the flu like illness that ah occurs in outpatients. That is a total unreasonable, scientifically and medically unreasonable extrapolation to do on it created the entire fault. Climate that these drugs have any houses in Houston. L fate outpatients. So if the retracted medical journal article that was highly publicized, they had to pull it back. It speaks for itself. And the study. My understanding is a retrospect study. This was given to patients late, late late in the process. Sounds to me like there are three days before dying. Here. Take this and see if it works too late then, and Daniel Wallace is the risk is nil. Would you say that that hydroxy Claure Quinn is safe? And would you if you had it considered taking it yourself with, for example, zinc and is it through my eyes, and I would take it in a flash for myself. I would use it prophylactically for myself. I think it is absolutely safe. I think there are a few small percentage of people who may have Cardiac arrhythmia, histories or problems that could switch from Asia from ice into DR Cycle in that or not taken antibiotics at all that the crucial thing is making sure their body has enough sink in it. On the Dr Corrigan works to get the sink into themselves to disrupt the virus. I think that is a very workable paradigm for the great overwhelming majority of people older. You know people with chronic conditions who desperately need to be treated. If you get sick, doctor, you're talking about the FDA Food and Drug Administration. You're basically saying that there is a political agenda as probably financial motivation behind it. I'm saying About the hydroxide. Cora Quinn has explicitly met the FDA its own stated criteria for emergency use authorization and they're still not approving it. They're not doing anything with it. And didn't they actually say that themselves or the CDC or somebody did? I guess not that many years ago. That I can't speak to. But I know that they've had Dr O'Neill's petition from the beginning of July, but they haven't moved on that A number of people have written briefs basically showing the compelling science A complete fake warning that on the FDA is website that's reprehensible that that they extrapolated from sick, impatient too, You know, entry early disease outpatients to in order to perpetuate the idea that that there's a hazard which doesn't exist. I think that's the level that we're dealing with that the FDA is completed in these depths. Scary I would continue Dr Harvey Rish Ah, Yale Epidemiology Professor. Wow. I got one more question on the other side if you can stay with us Professor Listen, I've been telling you about Raycom. We all need a pair of great wireless earbuds. You already know that Reagan ear buds start about half the price of quote premium name wireless earbuds on the market, and they sound just is amazing. By Ray conn dot com.

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