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App and the white sacs royals knotted up at one in the top of the fifth over at guaranteed rate field. And also we have ourselves a brewing potential series upset NHL playoffs as the Columbus. Blue jackets three nothing on the Tampa Bay Lightning. They wanna series. Yes. I in the series the president trophy winning Tampa Bay Lightning trail in this game four to three. And if the blue jackets can hold on they will sweep the lightning, and as I just received a text from one car. Falco? Yes. Bleeping but Broschi he did not use bleeping, Chris. Well, see. Here's the thing. Jeff when you take a look at the lightning throughout the regular season. Very good team. They they got down the ice quickly. Two line passes there they dumped and chase than they did everything. They dug it out of the crease in the problem here in the playoffs. They haven't been able to get the puck in the back of the net. You haven't seen their goal tender whoever that may be his head. And you haven't seen what they were able the magic that they were able to gather in the regular season has not shown itself that magic has not shown itself this series against the blue jackets. I think that was a perfectly Kremlin breakdown. Chris. You're welcome. All right. Andre vessel Eski. Obviously, the Tampa Bay Lightning gully that you were you so. Let's oh, we should also mention to as I- shame on me for waiting until this point in the show as a loyal alumnus. I should have mentioned congrats to you. Porter. Mosier has indeed turned down a lucrative eight year deal for somewhere in the range of seventeen to eighteen million dollars from Saint John's and has decided to stay with the loyal Arrambide ramblers has their head coach of the men's basketball team. So the man who led them to a final four appearance in the twenty seventeen eighteen season. We'll be back for next season. With Loyola, it's great for Chicago basketball. It's great for Chicago college basketball because having a team that is getting to the tournament consistently is a good thing because we haven't seen enough of that in this state or in the city, especially with the other schools are in the city. So the fact that Porter's gonna stay loyal. And continue to build their thing. It's good for the state. And who knows what that next opportunity may be. I think a lot of people who didn't want him to jump by that next gig. We're worried that once you get this to Saint John's that if you don't win immediately you can kind of get lost in the shuffle. And then where do you go from there where if he can continue to build the program at Loyola that maybe something better will come along. Who knows is Brad Underwood going to be the guy long-term, Illinois. I don't know. Maybe not. And maybe that's the place for porter. If he needs to jump to a new spot at some point, I would like to keep him in the mid west. And I think that's why he's staying here. And that's why he's staying is. Because that's the type of opportunities waiting for. It was reported. He turned down UNLV earlier in this offseason as well, which is out in Las Vegas. So clearly the east coast west coast not for him. He's going to say loyal. I think it's a good win for the city. It's a win for people who like college basketball in the city as well as good for loyal and keeping him in the mid west be, Dan. Let's keep him at Loyola for as long as possible. Specially as a grad that you are you would like to keep them there. But you know, something will come along. Because he's that good. Something will come along at some point in the big ten that. I think will be intriguing, but we'll just see when that no for sure well set because look what he's been able to achieve at Loyola. You know, even the Layla does have the loan NC double a championship in the entire state. The only college have done. So they're still NATs. A sixty eight sixty three I think. Okay. Five years. Double check that though the banner hangs up there. I went in the state, so but the fact that he's been able to actually bring them back to a final four. And of course, when the conference again this year, the regular season conference that is it's been just it's an absolute coup that oil can keep them there for yet another year. And so we will he will actually be on the station tomorrow. I think I know he's going to be on with watt on Sylvia to thirty. And I believe he may be on with cap as well. So the double dip porter mosier fixed. Whether you like it or not folks that Miller double dip for capping company Waddle and Silvy rivalry going. We're going to scoop you guys how about that take that which you on Chris who you support what my support team camper pretty mile and right for this answer. Yes. PM one thousand the squad. That's that's the way. I like it, man. All right. So there's your there's your local college basketball news. We keep you apprised on you tease me with some NBA conversation. Did you like? To talk about it looks. So we're it's this is always the points. And maybe call me crazy. But you know, I it's not that it wasn't. It's not that it's not thrilling. But I always watch the first round of the NBA playoffs for the most part. There's certainly some series that are the exception to the rule. But generally, I always watched the first round of the NBA playoffs. Like, it's a movie I've seen before like, I know the ending and there's certain series that that may not be the case. But generally speaking, I feel pretty good about knowing who's going to come out of the first of the plants what I'm most intrigued by in this first round specifically in the Eastern Conference is are we watching the rise? The true rise of Yannis claiming the throne as best player in the league. Now, he in all. Likelihood I think wins the MVP James harden may have something to say about that. But the votes have been cast. And so there's nothing that will be done in these playoffs will determine that. So we await the announcement and the hardware to go on his mantle. If he doesn't need win it. But. That that's that's all well and good. But as we know here in the city of Chicago, there's plenty of guys with one undeserving MVP awards when there are truly better players in the league, aka Michael Jordan, a man who actually played his last game. I believe what was it twenty years ago on the state? Yeah. So we'll mention we'll talk about that here coming up shortly. But so I wonder Chris do you think we are basically this playoff is going to be the culmination of Yannis rising and taking the throne as best player in the league. Well, it certainly the story line on the Eastern Conference side of the bracket that clearly has the most sizzle right nationally. That's what's going to get the pop on sportscenter. That's what's going to lead the first take dialogue back and forth between Maxon Stephen a Smith in the morning because when you take a look at it. We are seeing someone who. Who is at the start of that great career in in. You know, I I read the stat the other day to cap that you know, when you look at it Jaanus at age twenty four here's this stat line from this season. He's twenty four and arguably was the best player in this regular season. You can make that argument like Jeff just did that he's probably the MVP. He averaged twenty seven point seven points per game. He had twelve and a half rebounds on the season per game, six assists per game employed. Thirty two minutes LeBron James at age twenty four this was his stat line twenty eight points per game, seven point, six rebounds, seven assists, and he played thirty eight minutes a night. So when you take a look at it Jaanus is putting up comparable stats LeBron did at age twenty four but playing six less minutes per game. So what does that mean? Well, one he's a hell of a lot more efficient than LeBron was. Because he's doing it in less time to he's gonna be fresh for this playoff run in three. That means the numbers because he'll get more minutes in the playoffs. And we didn't see that in game one because they blew out the pistons, and they probably will in this series. But some point Jaanus is going to play more than thirty two minutes night in the playoffs. And you're going to see his numbers rise in your right? I think that is the story that has the ability to capture the national possess in this Eastern Conference. This season is Janas becoming the great player that we are all projecting him to be now he needs to have the playoff moments. The back that up because you know, LeBron early on his career was always a step filler. But until he had the moments to match it. You know, what the twenty seven points in a row against? You know, the different moments that game winning shots. And we saw the same thing with Jordan early in his career Intel you get to the playoffs and you make moments out of big shots and moments out of the end of games in the playoffs and in the end of series gift then you really are just a really good player. But that's how you take that next step. That's why Steph curry has elevated himself because at the end of games and in these playoffs series. Steph Curry's been amazing throughout the these title runs, certainly so so that's that's where you're right, Jeff. I think the rise of Janas is certainly something to watch over the course of the next month in a half. And the reason it's so compelling to me in this era of super teams and superstars teaming up. Look the books have a nice roster. Yeah. But nobody's going to be mistaking the players around. Yannis four super teams know everything is is really going. Driven by him. And if they do merely go to the finals and end up if they do lose to the warriors forever reason, which seems like a possibility certainly of all the, you know scenarios that could play out that seems like that could be a strong possibility or maybe maybe the bucks are good enough driven by Yannis to beat a warriors team that maybe is, you know, dismantling before our very is. This is this playoff run is so much more compelling than I can remember recent years because I'm truly interested in how the future of this league unfolds. And so I'll be watching closely and without a real rooting interest. I'll be rooting strongly for the bucks and Yannis to take that step. You know, it's fascinating. Because you see the story that, you know, and you're familiar with and most people that's what they prefer. That's what gets the highest ratings. That's why you know, you see the end of LeBron the end of Michael Tiger Woods winning the masters. That's how you get the major Ray. Ratings because everyone's comfortable everyone's familiar with the story line. The only thing that rivals. That is the Disney story Jaanus wasn't in this country six years ago. He wasn't a professional athlete. He was a kid walking to a gym in Greece. With one pair of shoes sleeping on a cot in a mat on the side of the gym waiting for practice time because he didn't have time to walk all the way back home and come back for practice because he loved basketball so much..

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