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Beth Myers in the news Radio 1000 Katie. Okay, News Center, State representative Jason Low of Oklahoma City says Now that the federal eviction moratorium has expired. Oklahomans need to know their rights as tenants and know that community resource is are available to help. If you do receive an eviction notice one thing that you should not do. Is ignore it. We have. The resource is we have to help out there, and I hope individuals will use it. Groups like legal aides say that you should call them immediately. If you get an eviction notice. They say outcomes are much better for tenants who have legal representation, and we're now it's 600 total Kobe 19 deaths in Oklahoma since March. A state Health department today reported another seven deaths in Creek Oak, dusky Oklahoma, Stevens and Tulsa counties and a fatal shooting overnight in southwest Oklahoma City. Here's Margot Murano police, a 19 year old Abraham Rodriguez and a friend were driving in the area of Southwest 23rd and Miller when they exchanged words with a pedestrian A pedestrian opened fire on their vehicle and Rodriguez was hit. Rodriguez and his friend managed to drive to a relative's house nearby for help. Rodriguez died at the scene. Norman Mayor Bria Clark tweeted today that she witnessed last night shooting that injured a man outside a campus corner bar. Clarke says she waited for police to arrive. Four suspects fled the scene. Police stop their vehicle a short time later, and they were arrested. The victim was shot several times. He was taken to a hospital and a frightening home invasion robbery in Tulsa overnight, police say two suspects broke into a house near Harvard and Admiral A man his wife and child were at home. Police say the suspect's asked about money and then pistol whip the man who was able to grab the gun and shoot one suspect in the head. A man also shot the other suspect who fled the scene and that other suspect has not been located. The wounded suspect was taken to a hospital in critical condition, and police now say that that intruder has died. There is a new interim director at the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority. Former director Travis Kirkpatrick was promoted to a job at the State Health Department. He'll be replaced by Deputy Director Dr Kelly Williams, the U. S and ID 1.8 million jobs last month, according to figures today from the US Labor Department. Here's Michael Kastner. The unemployment rate for July fell nearly one full point to 10.2%. Jobs total is a little higher than analysts had forecast, but it's well below the 4.8 million the economy added in June. Even with three straight months, a seven figure job creation the nation has 12.9 million fewer jobs and before the Corona virus pandemic hit, National Federation of Independent Business State director Jared Shao says this weekend sales tax holiday comes at a critical time for Oklahoma small business owners. Says Cobain, 19 has been devastating for many retailers. He's urging people to shop at their local mom and pop a retail store this weekend. Ah, woman had to be taken to a hospital this week after an encounter with a bison at the drive. Thru Arbuckle, Wilderness Zoo and Davis. A bison stuck its hand in the woman's car and the woman was gored on the hand by the horns. When she pushed it out of the car. She was taken to a hospital and needed stitches from NewsRadio. 1000 Katie. Okay, Weather center and a for Warren Storm team, humid today. Heat Index upto 100. We have a 20% chance of rain. A high of 93 warm and muggy tonight alot of 75. Up.

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