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Touchdown they go to charlotte take on air in the callister who had won fifty seven into touch in the loss to western into western kentucky last week but to charlotte team that's going to be overmatched here i think by you a b seven and a half is the number fifty one and a half the total i'll probably stay away joe's only 'cause i don't follow these teams as close as i follow most of the others to me in would you latest seven and a half would you a b or take it with a hometown forty nine years now i would lay here with uap here dr ability to run the averaging two hundred twelve on the ground charlotte's given up underneath your to opposing it and you're defensively uap quake more physicality although owes an offense to two hundred eighty one night air thicker wear couch within this back chuck shaw with used allwood sapping overall i echo really starting to catch up right your atheist by an hour late on the road get dolled tomorrow afternoon there you go meanwhile temple who talked about them how gaining yukon big time to to one but does not coming away the win paul logan marching through one pick and that was returned for a touchdown meanwhile army got that one point when we talked about against easter michigan graduates are the rush for one seventy one on the touchdown davidson's always hill sludge they're out of the backfield uh they still there's several games now that army has not thrown for a passing yard but still finds ways to win with absolved rushing attack in this game army fitted six and a half up in west point forty six the total against temple yeah i would have here were temple over all the way up to stop the triple energy intrical tackles beckoned running wayne are you look a temple they given up on shooting sixty seven rushing yards to open up but they still have blue collar effect the tackles becker really disrupt the timing of army the meat difference i like the physicality perspective on the road i picked up seven point two two victory over army dinner we get mcgann jan disagree with that be y you'd tanner magnum and company can take on east carolina does matter if its sirker minhsiu this team struggles any 10x in how decent added back field they got pummelled by central florida but everyone's getting pummelled by central florida this eur sixty three twenty one last week.

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