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Mm does this year excuse for pepi music could say what was the pause or get it fire off fitted gordon one okay i'm a i'm going to answer one quick call and then i'm gonna tell you this funnels story about the words new sore this is new source okay this is hope in i think we can help hope rather quickly and then i want to tell this fund story as we close out the hour hope good morning good morning how are you i'm good how can we help you well or about having years of it going with my neighbor now they strike cat cronje about 25 now and you need not turn that person in to the spca are well i've actually called the fort bend county sheriff's department and day man died than wrap meat animal my style but he is i got the nerve evening come on my property and let them out of the drought so anyway are they use the bathroom over at by i'm tired of better all the money on mall i'm gonna give you three four different things it's going to be a combination of things to do or a guy if you want to mix up a batch of like kat spray you're going to combine a tablespoon of black pepper a tablespoon of dry mustard and a tablespoon of cinnamon into a spray bottle with water and in a few drops of like citrus oil like you know think orange oil you can also add crushed garlic cloven they're all all those things cats hey so we're going to spray the bed with that as much as possible they wanna use europe landscape as an outdoor litter box all right we get some chicken wire and cut the chicken wire to the the bed to the dirt part the most part and then covered up just lie lately with a thin layer of compost if they go in and try to dig in they hit chicken wire it pisses him off so mad they're out of their training them to naali the and i mentioned citrus oil you can make either this combination or you can actually go just get citrus soil itself and make a solution of that for spraying perp mrs and spray that in the.

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