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Have you up there during the act but anyway that's not uncommon for us somebody say hey my family member couldn't be here we make a video for them and you know we're gracious heroes so we do and we we were making the video and this is going to be to his point because i can't remember what our jokes were but mean you had a couple of jokes with a couple of months by the way i didn't mean that to shits on that but it was just it was funny main you had a couple lines and we're way oh heather heather couldn't be there because of what i can't can't miss her name can't remember that girl's sister her name was heather heather can't be here waigel figure it out we mean you had a couple of jokes and then we way said those then cora goes sar we don't hit this video we ain't funny right now and i made it looked at you we were just like we were about to say and then he goes i didn't have none ahead not many we didn't hit in that video we didn't hit sorry we're not funny right now we don't hit you have been funny vendors like was it but because he had no hit and there we was like i also generally don't remember all jokes i wasn't really paying attention so i'm sure that were funny now clear they weren't hold on we don't remember pretty funny but we just have made so many what that was but that's equally as raven will he just said was i wouldn't really pay attention to what you said so not knowing what y'all say it i decided we didn't tell any it was just a fries brownstown.

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