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But the because they in any money but the simply eight asking for apology kane's to ensure that when hospital do their discharge processes that they're already required do that they include those family members this part of the process yes it's as close to a no brainer as i've ever heard of no i i i recognize norton is a she wants to be told by state legislator here's a new rule you mm you know man that you you have to do to roll rights with is going to be just natural pushed back to two new roles but i would have a hard time of thought we had live ceos very healthcare organization to stay here to say you know barreling stories in an example why we need to do something a little bit different what kind of a few becker you're getting from i mean that the people recognize okay this is an issue the needs to be shored up josh shirt so we've had numerous conversations of hospitals and trying to to address can turn they have we've done we've we've made significant changes for only first talked about the bill originally to try and meet in address those concerns in it in to be blonde god we've we think we were dressed pretty much all of them that we can we think there's probably a few minor tweaks that we can make it even a little bit better for them and yet we still can get them to not want to do something that what support family members helping family members and they arguments we're what we're doing well already given the data about where it still happens we've also heard it can turn about liability that's why there's provisions in the builder hospital bro that would protect stemmed from that liability so we continue to trying to work with him into we can but at the end of the day we're hoping all stand with family caregivers than with family members trying to keep their loved one thing and we just haven't quite guy and they're just yet and so you keep.

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