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The city plans to spend the money raised by that tax the seattle healthy kids coalition plans a news conference this afternoon at el centro villaraza a warning about pepperoni products made by hemp alerts some they may contain pieces of metal products to watch out for the two point two five pound vacuum packet vacuumpacked packages of the classic pepperoni with natural smoke slavery that contaminated products were packed october tenth if you think you have it throw it out or return it for a refund and eighty two year old grays harbor county man is in the hospital after a brutal attack it happened early yesterday at his home just north of ho we him the story from cobbles gade cohen tammy darren is still shaking outsider childhood home in ho cui up i'm i'm i'm in shock caridi two yearold father gerald was attacked deputies say a twenty nine year old woman high on mushrooms smashed through his back door and went after him with a hatchet now gerald's in the hospital with a skull fracture a broken arm and a lot of cuts but tammy says he's awake and alert i told them i love you you now give him a kept on the forehead and held this han deputies arrested the woman just after the attack neighbours across the street called police after she broke into their home they were able to get a route sheriff rick scott says the suspect has a long criminal history but nothing like this clear the most violent act she's been involved in shall we booked for assault burglary and robbery in ho quayum gave coen komo news said of washington's charter school system is frustrated saying the debate.

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