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So the ceo of the trump campaign's data firm is suspended their investigations and all that stolen data that flooded our election the senate closed up a big chunk of their russia investigation today saying it is complete and just a few days ago the deputy director of the fbi was fired andrew mccabe saying he was fired by the administration to discredit him as a witness in special counsel robert muller's probe in an effort to shut the whole thing down so that's three really big things going on simultaneously right now i have questions about all of them for the top democrat on the senate intelligence committee joining us now is senator mark warner who is the vice chair of the intelligence committee he joins us now live senator thank you so much for your time tonight i know it's an incredibly busy time thank you let me ask you first about cambridge analytica obviously you have tech background yourself you've taken a particularly acute interest in the data side and the money side and the sort of not front page side of how how how the russian attack worked in our election how concerned are you about these recent journalistic revelations about cambridge politica are these things that are now being reported about the firm and the way it operates news to yours some of this stuff that you had been able to figure out in the intelligence committee's investigation or rachel i've had questions about cambridge analytica since the beginning of this investigation this is a pretty sketchy firm that not only operated on behalf of mr trump but operated in a series of countries they were known for their ability to disrupt an electoral process and it potentially explains why in so many ways the trump campaign in effect kind of crept up on a lot of folks because their ability to use data to use our social media companies in ways prior to this last election i don't think the united states government frankly some of these companies even prepared for but cambridge analytic i think there's a lot more stories to be told from that firm when the firm does it sales pitch because of the undercover investigation by britain's channel four we've seen them marketing themselves in bragging about their capabilities to an undercover reporter who they thought was a potential client when i look at that reporting.

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