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String of opportunities. So how difficult was the transition from from sales to business development is is it a different skill set to take some adjustment, you know, and not necessarily. I mean, I, you know, if you think about the businesses I've been in whether they'd been primarily startup or larger parent companies, I mean at the end of the day, you can stroke my title away, and really all carrying the bag. You know, being a sales guy at heart and business development that entailed a host of of you know, activities and and and focal points on one was certainly the integration of the perk. Los businessman had bought Burke, lows to be the cornerstone of their device franchise and out at had been really farm entity in this really there. I, you know, putting a toe in the water significant one terms of acquisition of. Six hundred and eighty four million dollars. But you know, really developing core of that corner show cornerstone franchise, and so it had some truisms in terms of what you think about business development, but it was also about strategic development in the integration of new that new cornerstone business and understanding how to leverage that proprietary technology within the existing portfolio, Abbott. Let's bring things up to up to today you joined a renal guard solutions last year as presidency. Oh, this is your first stint is as presidency you. That's that's correct. Corrective had been fortunate to have a host of commercial leadership opportunities on you know, it really. Led to meeting. The folks the investors as well as the chairman of the board, Alex Martin and in a second nine, and again, I've been real lucky to be in some businesses working with some incredibly talented entrepreneurs and clinicians, and you know, the opportunity we have in front of us. I think is second anon-. So it really worked out. Well, let's Saint Jude where I had the Mercer responsibilities in strategic business at all my responsibilities. And you know, again, it's it's a part of my DNA think is is the buying those startups in and I really enjoy the challenging I think in the startup environment is one that is not getting any easier. But I think, you know, Tom, regardless of title, if find folks, you work with folks, your folks reports you and your report to them that in either they thrive and flourish or it's just not the environ. And and you find out pretty darn quick. Which side of the fence you're going to be on. So tell us a bit about renal guard solutions, what was it about this opportunity that that convince you that this was the spot where you wanted to to assume the CEO and president rule get renal guard head had been developing the technology for quite a while technology platform, I should say is really about fluid management and technology is was solely focused on the reduction of contrast induced acute kidney injury, and you know, with the volume of interventions in certainly the increase in the frequency and importance of detainees avowals tavern tabby procedures the increase in chronic total ACLU's. I mean the world of interventional cardiologists in the cath lab. Buying certainly continue to spike in new therapies continue to the drive procedures that frankly us more. Contrast, more complex cases and so-. Contrast is toxic to the kidney, it sits talks to the NEF. Ron, and it's a significant problem in one that really there's really no clear cut solution to that problem. So you know, it was Donahue was the proverbial clinical unmet need and Reynold guard had done quite a bit of clockwork. Matter of fact, we just crusted over threshold or a milestone of twenty thousand cases since they received CE Mark of which in a really important part of that is it's not only a huge number and speaks to clinical adoption commercially. But really the important part of that is that eighteen hundred of those patients were done within clinical studies. And you know, at the end of the day, you're only as good as your data. And you know, we're not approved in the US. However, we've had significant uptick in clinical adoption in Europe. And it was my looking. That data as well. As talking to the people both the employee's leadership team the board and the chairman that it quickly became apparent that this was a a real potential win. And you know, it was obviously in a space that I had long history of. So it has exceeded my expectations, and and that incredibly pleased that working along side, some very talented passionate people..

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