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Okay so account one I'm not multi thank I know I'm I'm I'm a book is talking again I'm on a working as a model I'm always on my money's on one of those hugs what's with the of his lips on my lips stick like this winter as we've done countless that's how we caught it so you know you can touch your face and you can't take this ring a bell schools and soccer it you know what Joe Biden said I'm a bridge yesterday I look at all these people on the stage behind me they are the future right I'm sorry give it up John is the future you can't touch is comedy his brain is young he's he's smarter than all of us use yet funnier than all of us yeah you can't touch this you can use it to three he's gonna be sorry he did want to Mike Michael bubble gum rap because that's my fifth complaint over over and over again it is all it also serves as a public servant of public service announcement yes and a medical warning yes and a disclaimer.

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