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Hundred eighty eight ten four one five eight zero eight zero eight one Zero What's the old? Saying politician opens their mouth is coming next in or what about the corruption? Level, oh my. Gosh by the way we're going to get into the your take on what happened. Yesterday did the Republicans actually sweep as President Trump claims or is the reality way murkier than? That what about the black lives? Matter protesters interrupting the cops wedding in. Sacramento one of the cops accused of the death of Stefan Clark That actually how we're gonna get. To all that but I want to start with this this Chris. Collins Representative Chris Collins he was the first to come out to endorse Donald Trump's presidential bid so does this mean just another indication of how potentially corrupt all of this is surrendered this morning at his attorney's, office in Manhattan because prosecutors, at the US attorney's office for the southern district of, New York a legend in indictment Collins and the other defendants used while it's called insider trading non public information about the result of a drug trial to trade on the stock of pharmaceutical company where he was a board member and. Insider insider that saved him from seven hundred sixty eight, thousand dollars in losses would, have occurred if, the, trade the stock after the results became public this is a big deal classic insider trading. Securities and exchange act ten b and. C Sixteen be then. We had the rule ten b. Five long, story short corporate insider trades in the securities of, their, own corporation on, the basis. Of material non public information this is a classic definition of insider trading. Trading except by a sitting congressperson from me I'm just gonna here's my deal all of this and I know a lot of you were gonna disagree with me and that's perfectly acceptable and I want to hear, from you four one five, eight hundred ten here's what we need to be doing, with our politicians in DC they must and this includes the president and this should be a constitutional amendment so we the people have control over this as opposed to expecting them to fix it because they won't all elected representatives in. DC and the people who work for them so that, would be cabinet members for, example that worked, for, the president president vice, president, house Senate Top of the cabinet stop. In the military cetera all would. Be required, to divest any and all investments other than blind, trusts That's it and they're allowed to get nothing from lobbyists or anything else And in exchange what. We ought to start. Doing is paying them a million. Bucks a year I'm. Not kidding you you pay the. Members of congress you pay the centers. They're not allowed to do anything get anything from anybody for any reason and we immediately begin, fixing all this corruption that. We have, because for as much as Representative Chris Collins was indicted today His son another man thirteen counts of securities fraud wire fraud false statements from, an alleged insider trading scheme We have a long running problem maybe remember Duke Cunningham. Remember that guy was about a decade ago. Is, when he got run out because, he was, so corrupt allegedly. One of the most corrupt politicians ever oh he's former navy pilot officer. Commander Republican now a. Convicted, felon so we're supposed to believe I'll because you served in the military automatically you're a good person no, this we, still need to stay focused and he was so curve uses cell and everything out Resigned from the house pleaded guilty to accepting at least two point four million, dollars, in bribes and under reporting is. Taxable income guilty federal Deva's do Cunningham we've gotta fix how we elect these people and. What they're allowed to do once they're in DC I'm just telling. You the only, way this gets done as a constitutional amendment. Totally corrupt too many of them. Are nothing all of them clearly, not all of them are. Corrupt clearly not too many are. And if they're allowed. To maintain investments in other things because it's a fulltime job no because they're gonna do corrupt things money. And power are too powerful of temptations for. Too, many people that end up serving, you can, pull up on. Wikipedia list of all of these Lee this Representative Republican Steve Stockman was. Convicted of fraud this. Year, Anthony Weiner was convicted last year Korean, Brown was convicted last year Greg Gianforte Republican in Montana Guilty to. Charge so remember that so assaulting. An actual member of the media, perfect Trump supporter isn't he On and. On we Chaka Fata Dennis Hastert Michael, Grimm trae Redel. Rienzie. Jesse Jackson junior, Laura, Richardson Mark fuller on, he was a judge in that case Scott Bloch Davidson okay So Chris Collins though go back to. This we shouldn't have a president who's allowed to own, this empire because he's enriching himself. In his family on the backs of the American people of the taxpayer they. Go stay at his property he has people, go stay at the, Trump hotel Trump resorts in DC mar-a-lago we've got the big report came out yesterday three people super rich wealthy members at mar-a-lago or basically running the VA. From mar-a-lago and. They didn't go through any confirmation process for us to learn, about him This. Is total corruption and it's against every principle, that this country was, founded on we don't have an Aristide aristocratic ruling class down with that so called Trump populous you know supporting it done real to me You should be totally against all of this. That mar-a-lago situation the Trump hotel in DC all of that, you are so so, so sick, of those well the swamp swamp The swamp. Is just as thick and deep. Is ever fewer one of those people who believed. In the swamp for one five eighty eighty eight ten I'm taking your calls on this I see you guys calling in we're gonna take them here in just, a moment I'm also curious to hear your thoughts on what actually happened in this. These elections yesterday four one five eight hundred. Eighty eight ten time to drain the swamp, but it's not. Happening now four one five eight zero eight. Zero,.

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