Wallace, Prince Albert, Michael Cole discussed on Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard


There are there are things that you can go back to real life the you can hit the people relate to and that's what we try and do it's no different than any soap opera anybody else that uses death as is a tool in trigger it's an emotional trigger on people and that's what that's trying to do i don't think it really weren't so much in that case and we take it way over the top but was what wallace but our grace not not the best taste november first on raw big show doesn't interview with michael cole and boss man throws in teargas coleman just to escape but show is shown as being near death taking the hospital where we're told he's changing colors and boston and prince albert are also here and they're wearing gas masks and put the boots to whose idea was this while was prince albert put with boss man just is a placement more than anything not having anything form to do at the time and two big guys trying to give prince albert little bit more personality and try just try different things man sometimes you experiment experimental may go couple of weeks and say now this isn't working move on without any real plant just see if there's some chemistry there sometimes but the stuff we talked about taking a doing a tasers bit and i'll never forget we were gonna do a taste or where big boss man was going to tell you the big show.

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