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Like that big change and then eighty carries dog shit for like a year that was this season. Those this preseason no wasn't it where they changed credit and credit damage yet. She means so. I'm not talking about. I'm talking about two or three years ago. When like they messed eighty carry items and then like for that next. Six months eighty carries more and thing and you played yeah yasuo bottom and zig bottom and everything okay. I don't remember that like season. Eight or nine probably blocked it out of my your season eight but like we had a long conversation about eighty carry item and the way that crit works like that conversation would still hold up. Obviously the specifics of certain items wooding But it's it's very like situational where there's going to be some segments that are gonna be still fine and some that are like what do you think is gonna happen at worlds So i mean yeah. If you're enjoying them listen to it. I would say if you get to patch notes or discussions of like what's a metaphor right now. Also feel free to just fast forward over that shit. Get to the good stuff. If you're a sponsor yeah yeah if we have a sponsor you have to listen to the whole thing twice and even though we don't get paid by them anymore it's just. Hey we want our sponsors know that we support their shit years after the exactly. You're renault looking out for the best interest players after all to your second question. I feel like that. Is i feel like that's kind of two big of a question to ask or to even answer like i don't know when you left but even if you did like we don't have a comprehensive list of all the things that have that has changed. Yeah and going over that list in the influence at a out on the game in the like comparing league then to league now would just take way too long. I guess i i would just sort of like maybe watch There are a lot of youtubers streamers who will do like patch rundowns i believe. Ls still does that. Maybe you could check out. It's like hey these are the champions that are meta. This is why this is why..

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